Fisher - Control Valves, Valve Positioners and Control Valve Accessories
• Control Valves - Globe, Ball, Eccentric Plug, Butterfly and Severe Service
• FisherŪ Z500 Severe Service Isolation Valves
• Fisher Baumann Sanitary Aseptic, Low Flow & General Service Control Valves
FIELDVUE™ Smart Valve Positioners
• I/P Valve Positioners, Pneumatic Positioners and I/P Transducers
• Single Loop Electronic and Pneumatic Controllers

    Fisher Steam Conditioning
• Steam Conditioning and Desuperheating Valves
• Turbine Bypass Systems

    Fisher - Regulators
• Natural Gas Regulators - Transmission, Distribution and Commercial Applications
• Industrial Regulators - Air, Steam, Process Liquid, and Sanitary Applications

    Fisher Lifecycle Services
• Valve Diagnostics, Repair, and Encore Remanufactured Control Valves
• Outages, Turnarounds, and Valve Startup Services