In 2008, Control Associates became the new representative for Fisher, Emerson Instrument & Valve Services, and Emerson Valve Automation, serving Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic.

Headquartered in Allendale, NJ, Control Associates has established a subsidiary, Control Associates Caribe, located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico to extend service coverage throughout the area.

With 75 years of experience representing Fisher in the New York metro area, Control Associates brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you reduce plant maintenance cost, capital requirements, & cost of regulatory compliance, while increasing process availability.

Control Valves, Severe Service Isolation Valves, Regulators, Mixers, & Asset Optimization

  • Fisher® Control Valves
  • Fisher® Isolation Valves
  • Baumann Control Valves
  • Fisher Regulators
  • Tescom Regulators
  • Fisher Lifecycle Services
  • Lightnin Mixers, Agitators, Aerators, and Flocculators
  • Emerson Asset Optimization

Specialty Valve & Valve Automation Products, Steam Traps, Process Weighing Instrumentation, Gas and Liquid Pipeline Skids, Systems, & Buildings

  • Gas and Liquid Pipeline Skids, Systems, & Buildings
  • Actuation by Emerson Valve Automation
  • Process Weighing Instrumentation
  • Steam Traps
  • Specialty Valves