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Emerson Exchange Virtual Series - November Spotlight

November 10, 2020

Discover Your Next Solution:

Tuesday, November 10th & Thursday, November 12th

November's Spotlight of the Emerson Exchange Virtual Series features a scalable portfolio of digital transformation technologies, software, and services. Featured brands and solutions include AMS, Rosemount, and the Plantweb™ Digital Ecosystem. We’ll also explore the latest trends in the Chemicals industry.

Drive Real Performance Across Your Operations

Discover how to navigate your digital transformation journey with confidence, ease, and speed using Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem – a scalable and secure portfolio of transformational technologies, software, and services that provide relevant personnel with enhanced insight to drive operational performance to new levels.

You’ll also learn about strategic approaches and proven technologies, participate in live product demos and roadmap sessions, and hear from other users who have used Plantweb solutions to drive real improvement in their operations. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one discussions with subject-matter experts who will explore how you can cut through the hype with technology investments that are tied to your desired business outcomes.

Learn About Key Digital Transformation Technologies 

Operational Analytics
Powerful and intuitive software solutions that offer new levels of visibility into your operations by leveraging embedded domain expertise to help you solve a wide range of issues – from improving the health and performance of individual assets to overcoming more complex problems across your facility and enterprise.

Wireless Solutions
Targeted technologies that enable proactive asset monitoring, predictive diagnostic capabilities, and improved safety by cost-effectively and non-intrusively measuring many processes and asset variables that were previously too difficult or too expensive to measure yet have a direct impact on performance.

Machinery Health Management
Monitoring and health analysis solutions for proactively managing a variety of assets, enabling you to take advantage of predictive intelligence and integrated protection strategies that deliver actionable information for improved reliability.

Featured Technologies
• PlantwebTM Optics
• PlantwebTM Insight
• Pervasive SensingTM Strategies
• AMS Device Manager
• Professional Services
• Plantweb Digital Ecosystem
• Connected Services
• Data Management
• Digital Twin
• Machinery Health Management
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