Operations & Business Management

Control Associates and Emerson in conjunction with partners like Optimal Industrial Automation and AspenTech provide innovative software technology and integrated systems that link real-time production data with back office business decision-making systems to unlock process data and transform the efficiency and profitability of your operation.

Fragmented communication, inaccurate data collection, and inefficient use of your assets can harm your operation and put revenue, safety, and your assets at risk. Whether it is time consuming compliance regulations, excessive work in process, or inefficient use of resources, increasing production costs cut into your profits. We offer a broad range of solutions for these type manufacturing challenges like Emerson’s Syncade™ manufacturing execution system (MES) that combines document, equipment, and materials management into electronic work procedures to create an integrated and optimized manufacturing environment.

Control Associates also offers the ContinuousPlant® suite of real-time software and integration services from QbD Process Technologies to enable pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to deploy advanced real-time continuous manufacturing processes by integrating in-process synTQ® Process Analytical Technology (PAT) orchestrations with advanced process control (APC) applications, and material traceability solutions to produce drug products more efficiently, reliably, and of better quality than traditional batch manufacturing methods.


Syncade™ Electronic Batch Record

To ensure conformance to regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical manufacturers must document manual and automated procedures throughout the production process. Managing these activities is time-consuming, error-prone, and often extends release time.

With Syncade Electronic Batch Records, you can dramatically reduce production time cycles, while improving the quality of the batch and the accuracy of the batch record.

Deliver Right the First Time
Gain real-time visibility for production orders with an integrated business and manufacturing system environment. Syncade will automatically collect data to ensure data integrity, while embedded electronic workflows ensure process consistency.

Review by Exception
Identify and resolve deviations that can impact product quality. Flag exceptions or deviations and use them to drive your quality review. Then focus on remediation steps to significantly reduce review time.

Reduce Cycle Times
Build a fully integrated manufacturing execution system and distributed control system to create a single recipe execution environment. A fully integrated recipe streamlines testing, reduces system interface maintenance, and lowers total cost of ownership.

Syncade™ Document Management

Manual data management is time-consuming and can lead to unintentional compliance issues. With effective document management, you can execute event responses correctly and consistently. Then easily access the documents needed to prove compliance during an audit.

Use Syncade Document Management to streamline approvals, prepare for audits, and reduce paper footprint by moving to an electronic documentation system.

Streamline Review and Approval
Launch electronic approvals and change requests to direct the request and reminders to the right person. Document workflows help ensure the process is completed quickly. Periodic review workflows ensure documents are up-to-date or retired when needed.

Manage Complete Document Lifecycle
Automatically generate a complete and accurate document with online document storage, change control, version management, and audit trail records. With Syncade Document Management, preparing for audits or proving compliance is simplified, as you can easily access the current version of needed documentation.

Reduce Paper Footprint
Eliminate the cost and hassle of storing paper documents. With electronic document management, you will not only eliminate paper, but you can also access documents more easily through search capabilities. Safeguard regulatory assets while proactively managing versions, reviews, and approvals.

Syncade™ Materials Management

Material variability, incorrect material additions, batch issues, and deviations from specifications are especially costly for manufacturers. Dispensing errors at the beginning of a batch can significantly impact production and quality.

Reduce the risk of operator error and improve documentation accuracy with an automated weigh and dispense solution. The Syncade Materials Management solution delivers assurance to manufacturers that materials are dispensed correctly and accurately traced through the entire batch process.

Reduce Errors
Use electronic weigh-scale interfaces and bar code labelling technology to ensure that the right material, in the correct quantity, with the right label, is delivered to manufacturing on time in order to meet your production demands.

Verification and Reconciliation
Reduce material variability by using electronic workflows to guide dispensing operators through the process based on your facility’s requirements. When interfaced with an ERP system, you can automatically update inventory, eliminate the risk of using incorrect material, and calculate potency.

Eliminate Paper
Bring all your dispensary information online by integrating work details, weighing reports, equipment logbooks, and calibration information with electronic workflows. Operators have all the information they need to work effectively and consistently to reduce errors and variability.

Syncade™ Equipment Management

Tracking equipment state throughout and between production runs is a difficult process. Ensuring that equipment is cleaned properly, ready for use, and calibrated in a timely manner is necessary for quality product.

With Syncade Equipment Management, feel confident that operators have a complete understanding of the status of each piece of equipment. Configurable workflows provide repeatable, documented steps to follow. All information is stored electronically and available for reviews and audits.

Optimize Equipment Usage
Reduce downtime by scheduling and coordinating process workflows like cleaning and calibration. The status of all equipment can be quickly seen in the intuitive web application.

Replace Paper Equipment Logs
Electronically document all events associated with each piece of equipment, enforcing e-signatures when desired. Easily search for past events and activity. Equipment Management is the one-stop shop for managing equipment use, state, maintenance, and calibration records.

Reduce Equipment State Errors
Verify equipment status in real-time to ensure equipment or rooms are used only when in the proper state. Always know which equipment is available and prevent deviations related to using incorrect equipment.

Process Analytical Technology

PAT Software - synTQ®

The synTQ PAT Knowledge Management Software Suite provides universal hardware and software system integration via effective real-time data recording and data management from the development lab, through to full-scale production.

Originally developed for the Life Sciences Industries, PAT is equally applicable to many other process systems where improvements in quality, manufacturing time and costs, and time to market are desired.

The synTQ PAT Software Suite along with our professional engineering and integration services can help you better manage:

  • Instrumentation Management
  • Control
  • Data Storage & Reporting
  • Vendor Neutral Connectivity
  • Analysis & Real Time Prediction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • PAT Consultancy & Training
  • Configuration & Installation

Continuous Manufacturing

ContinuousPlant® Software Suite

QbD Process Technologies' mission is to develop and apply innovative real-time software, applications and solutions that enable pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to integrally design quality into the control of continuous manufacturing processes.

QbD Process Technologies unique ContinuousPlant® suite of real-time software and services enables pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to deploy advanced real-time continuous manufacturing processes by integrating in-process Process Analytical Technology (PAT) orchestrations with advanced process control (APC) applications, and material traceability solutions to produce drug products more efficiently, reliably, and of better quality than traditional batch manufacturing methods.

Our process automation and data management solutions are specifically designed to enable the continuous analysis, control, and data collection of Critical Process Parameter (CPP) variables that directly affect predefined and measured Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) so that drug products can be continuously manufactured more predictably, efficiently, reliably, and of better quality than traditional batch manufacturing methods.

QbD Process Technologies also offers a full range of process automation and data management services to assist with the selection, design and implementation of the solution best suited for your continuous manufacturing process.

Energy Management Software

DeltaV™ Standard Boiler Solution

The Standard Boiler Control Solution provides a pre-engineered control strategy for gas-fired or oil-fired (and optionally dual fuel combination) boilers. The configuration complies with NFPA 85 - Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code and uses Emerson's best engineering practices. It includes feedwater, single element and three element drum level controls, plus combustion controls with a boiler master demand, parallel metered air and fuel, and oxygen trim with dynamic excess air correction. Steam header pressure control is standard with the solution and additional boilers can be easily added.

DeltaV™ Standard BMS Solution

Emerson's DeltaV Standard BMS (Burner Management System) Solution helps deliver safe and reliable combustion operation for single-fuel/single burner boilers, per NFPA 85, EN 298, and EN 50156 and other applicable codes. Communicates the state of the burner light-off sequence to operations personnel and any missing interlocks for easy troubleshooting and identifies the "first out" cause of a process trip to assist in diagnosing combustion issues.

SmartProcess™ Boiler

Emerson's SmartProcess Boiler is a solution used to optimize multi-fuel and alternate fuel fired Power Boiler Processes by stabilizing unit performance on automatic control, reducing emissions production, increasing the efficiency of the boiler, and maximizing the quantity and stability of steam produced through burning of the least cost fuel (typically off-gases, waste fuels, or biomass).

SmartProcess™ Flame

SmartProcess Flame is a Burner Management System (BMS) that provides functionality to ensure safe firing of multi-fuel boilers, furnaces and heaters (multiple burners, multiple fuels). Emerson implements these systems in accordance with NFPA 85 and other codes, and also tightly integrates the BMS with the combustion controls. This improves operator interface, and provides clear indication of what is preventing light-off and what initiated a trip.

SmartProcess™ Header

Coordinated steam header control functionality often does not exist in an industrial powerhouse. Emerson's SmartProcess Header is a product used to automatically control and optimize the operation of a Steam Distribution System. SmartProcess Header provides coordinated control of all steam headers, allows prioritization of the headers to be set by operation personnel, maximizes steam to turbines if they are present, and optimizes header control for least cost operation.

SmartProcess™ Energy

SmartProcess Energy allocates boiler load by steam cost, manages electric buy/make decisions, allocates turbine load by cost, monitors energy usage across the site in order to identify waste, and manages compressor and chiller loading. In addition, load shedding functionality can be included and what-if scenarios can be run using the models of the site processes.

Applications for Oil & Gas

Station Manager

Station Manager is an application for the ControlWave Micro that performs natural gas flow measurement and station control for up to six or eight meter runs, and can be distributed across six stations. It’s ideal for both new installations as well as station upgrades, where it replaces a mix of outdated RTUs and PLCs that are increasingly difficult to support.

Gas Control Manager

Gas Control Manager provides an easy-to-use solution to manage your control and logic requirements. Its configurable interface allows for less time spent on custom programming, and more productivity from your technicians. Gas Control Manager is exclusively available for the ROC800 and FloBoss™107 and its three primary functions are EFM Applications, Cause and Effect and Flow Summation.


A neural network-driven gas demand forecast system for predictive management and modeling. GasloadForecaster greatly reduces your supply risk and drives operational efficiencies by significantly reducing forecast calculation time. GasloadForecaster arms you with the right information to make critical decisions, resulting in greater flexibility, agility and increasing customer service.


A powerful, off-the-shelf solution for pipelines operating in regulated or merchant markets worldwide. TransactionManager enables shippers and merchant pipeline operators to effectively communicate and share information with its suppliers, transporters, clients and other companies involved in the business cycle. TransactionManager integrates all components of a pipeline’s or shipper’s purchase, sale, and transportation arrangements with third parties on their facilities.

Cause and Effect

An innovative application providing a menu-driven approach to control logic configuration delivering flexibility, and producing custom control capabilities for those users without programming experience. A licensed User C program for the ROC800-Series and FloBoss 107 Manager devices that provides logical operations without having to write FSTs or IEC 61131 code.

Terminal Management


TerminalManager is Emerson's next-generation software product for management of all terminal operational and commercial activity.

TerminalManager provides terminal operators with the capability to manage and optimize loading and unloading operations for truck, rail, and barge, as well as complete order to cash commercial management to execute contracts and orders, manage inventory, produce invoices, and perform measurement accounting of liquid hydrocarbons.

Plantweb Advisor Suite

Plantweb™ Energy Advisor

Real-time Energy Management Information System (EMIS) that automates the process of mapping and managing energy consumption across a site, as it is being consumed. Real-time alerts, dashboards and emails notify decision-makers when energy consumption is above expected so that actions may be taken to drive down energy costs. We also provide rigorous models of energy consumption for certain asset classes, e.g., boilers, furnaces and heat exchangers. Models can also be based on historical data fitted to actual operations (heuristic).

  • Manage energy targets with up-to-the minute information across multiple Energy Account Centers (EAC’s)
  • Easily aggregate and make valuable information visible to key stakeholders
  • Reveal new savings opportunities down to individual energy consumers
  • Reduce total energy costs by 5% –10%
  • Establish, track and maintain real and achievable targets for energy reduction
  • Implement a positive corporate social responsibility program towards energy and emissions reduction
  • Meets requirements to monitor, target, and report per the ISO 50001 energy standard.
  • Creates automatic notifications and event logs for each over-consumption event for user review and action
  • Easy-to-use configuration tool – simple, scalable and sustainable

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