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Crane Pumps & Systems is a world-class manufacturer of quality pumps and accessories offering a wide range of solutions and services for the municipal, residential building, commercial building, military, and industrial markets.
Its trusted brands; Barnes, Burks, Crown, Deming, Prosser and Weinman provide innovative designs and durable construction. Wherever there is a need for fluid handling equipment a Crane Pumps & Systems product is hard at work – from the sump in a basement to a municipal pressure sewer system, from a split case in a commercial boiler room to a self priming pump on a marine pier or a grinder pump for a poultry process. Other applications include processing plants, power generating stations, constructions sites, utility maintenance fleets, and military.


  • Mounting– A separate, adjustable motor mounting plate can be doweled into place by the installer after coupling is aligned in fi eld to ensure accurate, lasting alignment. The pump is permanently bolted and doweled to the base at the factory to prevent pump movement and misalignment.
  • Coupling– A spacer-type coupling is standard and allows easy replacement of seals and bearings without removing motor or casing top.
  • Easy Maintenance– A thrust collar sleeve prevents the rotating assembly from dropping if a bearing should fail. A lip seal prevents liquid from entering the lower bearing housing.
  • Easy Handling– Lifting holes placed in the top and side of the base make lifting and installation easier.