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About Control Associates About Control Associates
A deeply rooted heritage inspired by a passion for excellence and innovation.

A deeply rooted heritage inspired by a passion for excellence and innovation.

Control Associates' roots trace back to 1933 when Jasper Fisher appointed the firm of King & Shepherd to become the first Fisher Governor Company sales representative for the New York metropolitan area. Their offices were located in the former Hudson Terminal buildings complex at 50 Church Street in New York City, where One World Trade Center stands today.

The evolution of the Fisher, Emerson and Control Associates partnership.

Since its founding in 1880, Fisher experienced significant growth to become the world's largest control valve and pressure regulator manufacturer. By 1969, the company agreed to merge with Monsanto, changed its name to Fisher Controls Company and began manufacturing a line of electronic controls instrumentation developed by Monsanto. In 1992, Emerson acquired Fisher Controls from Monsanto and combined it with Rosemount to create Fisher-Rosemount, the world's largest provider of process control equipment. Fisher-Rosemount continued to expand its global presence and portfolio of products and services into what is now Emerson Automation Solutions.

Through the decades, Control Associates prospered and grew to become a leading provider of process automation, controls, asset reliability, and real-time data and energy management solutions, serving a broad spectrum of customers and industries in the region.

Our long-term partnership with Fisher and now Emerson, along with other leading manufacturers enables us to connect you with innovative technology, technical expertise and 24/7 lifecycle services support to optimize the reliability, safety, performance, and profitability of your operations.

Your Local Emerson Impact Partner.

In August of 2018, Emerson certified Control Associates as an Emerson Impact Partner representing the company’s highest level of customer support. Each of the 20 Emerson Impact Partner Network companies across North America operate as locally-accessible, singular points of contact for leveraging the full breadth of Emerson integrated solutions and expertise.

The Emerson Impact Partner companies were awarded this status through a rigorous certification process of their facilities, procedures, engineers and local service professionals, as well as a demonstrated ability to support customer process optimization and performance improvement programs. Each partner was assessed in more than 50 certification paths to verify capabilities and compliance to Emerson standards.

Distinct from traditional manufacturer-to-third-party representative and distributor relationships, Emerson Impact Partners have a tightly integrated culture with Emerson and each other ensuring consistent consulting, engineering and services practices across the Network providing customers with the broadest, most responsive support organization in the industry.

Control Associates partnership with Emerson and membership in the Emerson Impact Partner Network uniquely enables us to access and harness the full power of Emerson technology, industry expertise and highly skilled resources to design and implement solutions that positively impact your operations and business results.

Start Your Career With Us!

Start Your Career With Us!

We take pride in every individual on our team because we believe our people are what set us apart. We encourage each employee's personal growth and contributions, and collectively embrace the communities in which we serve.