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Data Management Services Data Management Services
Connect, aggregate and contextualize critical data to enhance insight for driving operational excellence.

Connect, aggregate and contextualize critical data to enhance insight for driving operational excellence.

Poor data management can have serious implications on efficiency, productivity, quality, and profitability.

Control Associates and Emerson experts combine their management information system (MIS) expertise, software, and process automation experience to implement transformative data solutions that deliver enhanced actionable insights for driving operational excellence.

Real-time data management solutions engineered to meet your specific needs.

We offer a variety of data management integration and connectivity solutions engineered to meet your needs through utilizing our domain expertise and data integration tools available within Emerson's DeltaV™, Syncade MES, and AMS platforms using OPC, and secure, service-oriented architecture (SOA) web services.

Additionally, our data management experts have the industry knowledge, experience and expertise to integrate and implement a variety of manufacturing data software technologies from industry leaders such as Informetric Systems’ with their InfoBatch™, InfoLog™,and AgileDoc® products, and the PI System™ from OSIsoft®.  

Control Associates is an official member of the OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere Program and an OSIsoft System Integrator Partner company for implementing the PI System across multiple industries including life sciences, chemical, power generation, facilities, food and beverage, and others.


Control Associates and Emerson have a long history of architecting and delivering data management solutions. You benefit from our well-rounded approach and experience with implementing solutions from the sensor-based data level up to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) level.

Our data management consultants have the industry expertise and experience to accurately assess your current state, plus the technical knowledge on how to best apply innovative technologies to achieve your desired outcome.

Control Associates and Emerson data management consultants and engineers implement solutions tailored to meet your specific information needs. We manage every step of your project to effectively meet your objectives quickly, completely and with maximum return on investment.

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