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System lifecycle management is not a tool – it is a way of life.

System lifecycle management is not a tool – it is a way of life.

The goal of system lifecycle management is to provide a framework to help you improve the total value gained from ownership of your system.

We use a proven process to build a lifecycle management model allowing you to maintain system availability, improve operational effectiveness, and enable your resources to focus on more strategic objectives.

A single point of critical system information for your Syncade MES.

The foundation of our model is Emerson's Guardian™ Support, which provides lifecycle management of your software content, via status updates on the dashboard, helps you plan for upgrades. An accurate inventory of all system components and licensing is easy to access, along with in-depth documentation and resources to aid in your troubleshooting. Emerson’s Global Support Center offers additional expertise and advice on maintaining the system.

Guardian Support for Syncade aggregates information related to your operations management software associated with the Syncade Suite. The result is a single point of critical system information to help you effectively manage your system.

Guardian Support provides risk management as specific, critical information is matched to your system and proactively delivered through a secure dashboard portal. You can gauge overall system health and see which systems need attention. Alerts are ranked for priority and urgency, and recommendations support your planning efforts. Updates are tested, confirmed for compatibility and bundled for easier installation.


  • Customized Support Services for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Technical Support
  • Emergency Onsite Support
  • Scheduled Onsite Support
  • Resident Engineer Program
  • SureService™ Lifecycle Services Agreements
  • MES Software and Hardware Upgrades
  • MES Cybersecurity Services
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