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Natural Gas Distribution Natural Gas Distribution
Safely and reliably delivering natural gas from the gate station to your home.

Safely and reliably delivering natural gas from the gate station to your home.

At Control Associates we combine decades of gas utility industry expertise with Emerson’s pressure monitoring and controls technologies to safely and reliably regulate the flow and pressure of natural gas from gate stations to distribution mains, and district stations to businesses and homes through your network of commercial and residential service lines.

Emerson RTUs and SCADA systems enable you to continuously and remotely monitor flow rates and pressures throughout your local distribution system to ensure that natural gas reaches each customer with sufficient flow rate and pressure to safely fuel equipment and appliances.

To maximize distribution system safety, Control Associates offers multiple layers of overpressure protection (OPP) solutions to ensure pressures stay safely below the maximum allowable pressure for your gas distribution system.

As gas flows through the system, various types of pressure regulators control gas flow from higher to lower pressures. Control Associates locally stocks a broad range of Fisher™ natural gas pressure regulators available for quick delivery to ensure your system stays up and running safely and reliably.

Control Associates also represents VRG Controls, the leader in next generation zero emissions pilot controller technology for gas regulation, and all-welded body Cameron shut-off valves to isolate natural gas flow and minimize the need to disrupt customer service during maintenance operations and emergencies.

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