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Paper Machine
Effective and reliable operation of the paper machine can be extremely challenging.

Effective and reliable operation of the paper machine can be extremely challenging.

The paper machine is the final stage in the pulp and paper process for producing paper products.

Most paper machines today are based on principles of the Fourdrinier machine that uses a moving woven mesh at the wet end or forming section to create a continuous paper web by filtering water out of the fibers held in the paper stock to produce a continuously moving wet mat of fiber.

Process variability can can result in off-spec product or a sheet break and lost production.

Next the wet fiber web passes through the press section to squeeze out as much water as possible before passing through the heated drying section. From the dryer, the paper passes through the calender section for smoothing, then finally onto the reel where the paper is wound onto individual spools for further processing.

Effective and reliable operation can be extremely difficult as there are many critical loops that require highly accurate and reliable continuous measurement and control. Variability in basis weight, moisture content, stock flow, head box level, and vacuum and dryer temperature can result in off-spec product, or a sheet break and lost production.

Choose best-in-class measurement and controls technology to reduce process variability and increase reliability.

Control Associates and its instrumentation division Pro-Tech Solutions provide precision performance Fisher™ control valves, Rosemount™ measurement instrumentation, and advanced DeltaV™ distributed control systems uniquely engineered for optimizing the control and reliability of paper machines. Specialized basis weight control valves, high performance butterfly valves for vacuum control, high signal and thick stock magnetic flow meters, and advanced machine control solutions all contribute to the effective and reliable operation of paper machines.

Ensure accurate and reliable measurement and control
Avoid lost production
Consistently produce high quality paper products
Reduce process variability

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