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People, Experience, and Reliability Programs Meet the Evolving Needs of Today’s Plants

We are witnessing it everywhere. Older power plants are being cycled more frequently, while newer plants have been added to the grid. In addition, in-house staffing has been reduced or shared among multiple plant locations. It has been challenging, especially with COVID and fewer people on-site to manage the plants. Furthermore, we do not expect staffing to ever come back to pre-COVID levels at many locations.

Taking Care of the Customer
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Taking Care of the Customer

Today, older plants that were originally designed to be base loaded are being cycled more frequently. In some cases, plant assets are being used in ways beyond their initial design criteria. This places additional demand—and stress—on much of the equipment, including critical service valves. With this heavy use, valves may require additional attention to help prevent any unplanned maintenance events.

Emerson has introduced upgrades to help in many of these situations: valve trims with tighter shut-off, protected seat upgrades, and more robust sealing technologies. In addition, diagnostics programs allow us to understand the health of the valves without any disassembly or invasive service. The combination of Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ positioners and Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ ValveLink™ software gives us the tools to provide you with a health report on your valves without even loosening a single bolt.

At Control Associates, we have been providing valve diagnostics for over 20 years. We can run a full valve scan during your outage or a partial scan while the valve is in operation. Our unique diagnostics will provide data including seat load, internal friction, and dynamic error band. In addition, our factory trained instrument technicians can interpret the raw data and create an understandable report. The end result is a proven track record of reducing unplanned downtime.

Proactive Diagnostics Benefits

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Other Diagnostics Programs

We also offer reliability programs whereby we manage your valve assets and provide a plan for scheduled diagnostic readings, external inspections, and valve calibrations. Diagnostic results are fully reviewed with the customer and together we can develop a path to address any needs. Through this program, we are able to capture small issues early on and develop a precise corrective action plan before there is any negative impact on your operations.

Program Benefits:

Our Team

It’s not just a coincidence that our sales and service teams have been managing many of our customers’ valves’ assets. Whether repair, automation, product upgrades, outage management, or inventory management, it is in our DNA to be the local expert. Many of our senior account managers have a 10+ year relationship with our customers.

Control Associates is a provider of process control systems, valves, actuation, instrumentation, regulators, relief valves, asset reliability, systems integration, manufacturing execution systems, and data management solutions for industrial and commercial customers in the tri-state metropolitan New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region. Our unique long- term partnership with Emerson and other leading manufacturers enables us to connect customers with innovative technology, engineering expertise, and 24/7 lifecycle support services to optimize the reliability, safety, profitability, and performance of their operations. Our 40,000 sq ft facility is 20 miles from Manhattan, offering local services and support.


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