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Isolation Valve Services Isolation Valve Services
We have the resources and expertise to care for your isolation valves.

We have the resources and expertise to care for your isolation valves.

Control Associates offers a broad range of isolation valve services starting with the repair or replacement of obsolete and damaged valves, and the repair or replacement of damaged valve trim, packing, seats, liners, levers and gear operators. Our local services team and isolation valve engineers can review maintenance records and process conditions to determine if there is a technology upgrade or better valve design available for particularly troublesome or critical applications.

Let us help you plan your next shutdown, turnaround or outage.

Leave your isolation valve maintenance planning to Control Associates — we start by performing a site walkdown assessment of your critical isolation valves. The site walkdown provides essential asset data to help you improve operations and mitigate risk. We can identify latent issues, recommend proactive maintenance, prioritize repair or replacement of your isolation valves, and detail the availability of recommended spare parts. This allows you to avoid surprises, focus your team on other important maintenance needs, identify potential reliability risks, and continue to operate your plant in a safe manner.

Ensure you have the right materials and resources in advance
Quick access to our isolation valve engineers for recommending technology upgrades or better valves for troublesome applications
Depend on reliable overhaul, reassembly, testing, and shipment back to your site
Offers planned maintenance support and long-term service agreements, or on-demand response to emergency situations
Get in touch with an expert, find your nearest office location, or send us a note about your next project!
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