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The vital link in global supply chains and just-in-time logistics.

The vital link in global supply chains and just-in-time logistics.

Terminals form a vital link in global supply chains increasingly driven by a landscape of specialty products and just-in-time logistics. Without proper coordination of resources, information and assets, terminal operations can become inefficient and unprofitable because they fail to reach their potential or must operate in a reduced capacity.

To meet these challenges, Control Associates and Emerson provide a wide range of products, services and solutions that connect critical information and activities in the field so you can better manage, organize and coordinate terminal resources to deliver operational and commercial efficiency and safety.

In today’s fast paced world of just-in-time logistics, failure to ensure that proper, reliable tank controls are in place can lead to serious events and impacts to the bottom line. With Emerson tank management solutions, you’ll have confidence in inventory and safety controls regardless of the product or the environment. The result is greater visibility to what’s happening in and between tanks, and the peace of mind enhanced product quality and safety will give you and your customers.

Without clear visibility into the health and operational status of pumps, valves and manifolds, leaks can quickly escalate into spills, fires and other hazardous conditions. In addition, lineup problems can result in product contamination, downgrades, reworks, delays, and unhappy customers. Through implementing Emerson terminal solutions, Control Associates can help you gain immediate insight into asset status from anywhere, saving costly trips to the field and eliminating hazardous situations before they become big problems.

Poorly scheduled and inefficient product transfer operations during truck and rail loading can result in poor asset utilization, operator errors, lost and inaccurate records and customer service issues that lead to lost opportunities. Emerson provides loading solutions for commercial and operations management that eliminate schedule delays, reduce operator errors, maintain accurate accounting, and promote greater utilization and faster order-to-cash from loading operations.

  • Reduced Errors
  • Improved Terminal Efficiency
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Improved Health, Safety & Environment
  • Simplified Planning

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