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One of the most important pieces of equipment in a power plant is the condenser.

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a power plant is the condenser.

The condenser is responsible for providing a high vacuum environment where turbine exhaust steam can be condensed and where condensate can be collected and returned to the steam generator.

Condensate pumps must have a minimum amount of flow at all times to protect them from overheating and avoid cavitation, which all contribute to higher maintenance costs,unplanned downtime, and operational inefficiencies.

Our Fisherâ„¢ control valve solutions provide high reliability and equipment protection in critical condensate system applications.

Critical applications like the condensate recirculation valve must be able to handle very high pressure drops that would be cavitating in a standard valve. Likewise, the deaerator level control valve application is also very challenging, and must be designed to control a wide range of temperatures and flows during startup that contribute to cavitation.

Fisher severe service control valves equipped Cavitrolâ„¢ anti-cavitation trim eliminate condensate system variability, improve heat rate, and minimize vibration and cavitation damage to valves and piping.

Avoid high maintenance costs, unplanned downtime, and production inefficiencies
Eliminate damage to equipment
Ensure high reliability control

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