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PM/PdM Optimization Services
Looking to develop or optimize your PM or PdM program?

Looking to develop or optimize your PM or PdM program?

The quality of a preventative maintenance (PM) plan can make or break a reliability program. Unfortunately, most PM programs are burdensome and may do more harm than good.

Starting with baseline data collection, we provide a plant-wide assessment of your machinery health, and an indication how ready your operation is for maximum production.

We then use proven quantitative techniques for PM development and failure-based techniques for integrating predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies.

The Process

PdM Baseline Development: Define the scope of opportunity that exists for the application of PdM technologies and develop a 100% PdM baseline model to compare the actual coverage, desired coverage and top quartile performance benchmarking coverage.
Failure Analysis: Identify the most likely failure modes (root cause) of each functional failure and define the consequences of those failures.
Overall Evaluation: Evaluate the program to find out if PMs are identifying any corrective work and if they are being properly performed.

Collecting baseline data during machine startup provides you with a documentation trail of the asset health for each piece of critical equipment.

Our knowledge of machinery operation and failure modes ensures machine problems are identified quickly and correctly.

Keep maintenance costs to a minimum
Proven techniques for PM development and integrating PdM technologies
Maximize machinery reliability and availability
Move from reactive to predictive maintenance
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