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Overpressure Protection
Refineries are challenged with running smoothly and safely.

Refineries are challenged with running smoothly and safely.

Refineries, more than most process facilities today, are tasked with environmental, safety, and social responsibilities that make it harder than ever to stay profitable.

It is critical to keep personnel safe in hazardous environments, so if an unforeseen upset in a process arise and result in an overpressure scenario, it is imperative that the relief valves and rupture discs will operate when all else fails.

With proven overpressure protection experience, products and services, Control Associates has the right solution for your most demanding applications.

Control Associates is your local Emerson factory authorized sales and services provider for:

  • Crosby™ and Anderson Greenwood™ pressure relief and safety valves
  • Enardo™ pressure vacuum relief valves, emergency vents and flame arrestors

We are also your local factory authorized representative for the Fike® line of engineered rupture discs. You can be confident that you have local pressure relief and safety valve services and overpressure protection application support when, and wherever you need it.

Trust local service and support knowlegde when, and wherever you need it
Ensure the right overpressure protection equipment for your application
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