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Innovative and cost-effective solutions for ensuring environmental compliance.

Innovative and cost-effective solutions for ensuring environmental compliance.

Control Associates provides a wide range of proven and tailored solutions to meet environmental challenges while enhancing operational performance.

To reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, we offer control valve packing systems that comply with the US Clean Air Act. The excellent stem sealing capability of the Fisherâ„¢ ENVIRO-SEALâ„¢ packing system is able to reduce GHG emissions to levels below the EPA minimum of 100 ppm (parts per million).

Protect your personnel and surrounding environment from excessive noise risks.

High pressure drops and high mass flows of natural gas can lead to unwanted and dangerous aerodynamic noise levels. Allowing this noise to continue puts you at risk of incurring property line noise control ordinance fines or risking potential employee hearing loss.

Fisher offers a wide selection of trusted and tested control valve and pressure regulator products designed to mitigate the harm caused by aerodynamic noise. Control Associates' application engineers take into consideration both flow and noise requirements when sizing and selecting the optimal product tailored for your particular application.

Enhance performance of your operations
Choose an engineered solution to meet your GHG emission and noise reduction challenges
Proven products and solutions you can rely on

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