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Modernization & Migration Modernization & Migration
Achieve operational and business goals and objectives through advanced digital process automation.

Achieve operational and business goals and objectives through advanced digital process automation.

Modernization and migration projects are different – they can put a strain on capital budgets and project resources while requiring knowledge of both old and new technology. There are fewer degrees of freedom than greenfield projects in terms of space, time, and budget.

Control system migration projects will impact your operations, must often be executed quickly during short shutdown windows, and have the potential to put production at risk. All of these factors put a premium on risk reduction, flexibility, and capital efficiency.

By partnering with Control Associates and Emerson for your next modernization and migration project, we can ensure it will be executed flawlessly, on schedule, and with minimum impact on production and plant personnel.

Harness the power of Emerson's IIoT enabled digital control system technologies with migration solutions for these and other legacy platforms.

  • ABB
  • Honeywell
  • Rockwell
  • RS3
  • Schneider | Foxboro
  • Schneider | Modicon
  • Siemens


Control Associates and Emerson consultants can perform a Modernization Study to analyze and define how today's IIoT enabled digital automation solutions can positively impact plant economics, while enabling you to achieve your business and operational objectives.

Our migration and modernization strategies and programs enable you to transition PLC based and legacy DCS displays and control database to the DeltaV™ system with ease. Maximize return on earlier control system purchases and take advantage of today's technologies:

  • Digital busses
  • Embedded advanced control
  • Access self-diagnosing process instrumentation data
  • Easy integration to today’s state of the art IIoT enabled digital technologies
  • Low risk, easy path to a smart digital plant

Our control system experts utilize sophisticated tools to analyze existing applications and automatically generate much of your new DeltaV™ database, thus dramatically reducing risk of errors and changeover costs. Your new system can then get right to work improving process performance and operational efficiency.

  • Enhance your competitive edge by applying newer DeltaV™ systems technologies not available with legacy systems
  • Tool assisted services minimize risks associated with manual configuration conversion, and accelerate new system implementation
  • Establish plant configuration standards for ease of maintenance and replicating applications at different sites
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