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MES Services MES Services
Experienced services resources to architect, implement and support your Syncade MES.

Experienced services resources to architect, implement and support your Syncade MES.

Control Associates and Emerson’s MES engineers have the industry experience and expertise to deliver the full range of MES services from architecting the solution to implementing the project, and providing onsite systems administration support.  

The modular architecture of Syncade software provides the flexibility and scalability required to engineer a wide variety of MES solutions including resource management, operations optimization, information integration, and quality and compliance requirements.

After installation, we also offer a comprehensive collection of Lifecycle Services including Emerson's Guardian™ Support to ensure you achieve peak performance and improve reliability of the Syncade MES solution.


Control Associates’ and Emerson’s team of MES engineers help you architect and deliver a successful MES project. Our team has experience in all phases of the implementation and deployment process:

  • User and functional requirements development
  • ERP integration to SAP and Oracle
  • External system and database integration
  • Order and material management
  • Electronic weigh and dispense
  • Recipe development and electronic batch records (EBR)
  • Project testing, qualification and validation

Once your project is deployed, Control Associates' Lifecycle Services team can help keep your Syncade MES current and running at peak performance. Our team provides 24/7 emergency response and has skilled systems and database administrators to ensure maximum performance.

We also offer a comprehensive collection of services that help you operate safely, optimize asset reliability, and improve the process capabilities and performance of your Syncade MES software.

  • Emerson Guardian Support
  • System Upgrade Services
  • MES Educational Services
  • Resident Engineer Program
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