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Water and Wastewater
Improve Operational Efficiency, Quality And Reliability

Improve Operational Efficiency, Quality And Reliability

Faced with aging infrastructure and increasing regulatory requirements, Water & Wastewater plants are tasked with finding new ways to improve operational efficiency, reliability, and water quality while minimizing costs. 

Emerson has been providing reliable measurement and control products and services to the water and wastewater treatment industry for over 50 years. Control Associates and Pro-Tech Solutions local instrument and valve consultants can help you with the selection process and provide the application support, technical advice, and fast response that you need to better manage your process.

By engaging our team, you can have strong assurance that all of the technical, logistical, and project management requirements of your application or project will be thoroughly accounted.

Our reputation as a low-risk solutions provider to the water and wastewater treatment industry is based on our history of successful performance. Emerson's systems, instrumentation and valves oversee and control the water and wastewater treatment processes of some of the largest cities in the Northeast, ensuring accurate control and providing critical operating information. These cities have chosen Emerson to help them ensure cleaner, safer water supplies, reduce environmental hazards, and realize significant operational cost savings.

During all phases of plant construction and operation, Control Associates offers forward-looking technology, proven product performance, expert application engineering expertise, and the capability for long-term onsite service and support of your process control equipment.

Get in touch with an expert in this industry or send us a note about your project’s specific needs.

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