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Safety & Cybersecurity Safety & Cybersecurity
Reduce risk, avoid incidents and operate with certainty.

Reduce risk, avoid incidents and operate with certainty.

SIS functional safety consulting performed by Emerson-certified specialists will ensure conformance with the IEC 61511 safety life cycle. Our consultants are able to assist in all aspects of Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) design and application.

By having the right cybersecurity defense-in-depth strategy, you can avoid potential safety issues as well as potential plant shutdowns. Control Associates utilizes Emerson’s certified cybersecurity consultants to ensure you have a robust cybersecurity posture.

Our alarm services consultants identify alarm deficiencies according to the ISA-18.2 Alarm Management Standard and perform remediation to address those deficiencies, allowing you to safely focus on achieving production goals.


Control Associates engages Emerson SIS Functional Safety Consultants who are able to assist you in all aspects of Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) design and application and comply to the IEC 61511 Safety Life Cycle.

Our consultants specifically trained in the application of IEC 61511. Emerson SIS consultants follow processes to comply with IEC 61511 using our TÜV certified Safety Management System. Emerson invests in people and tools to provide services where customers traditionally have the least resources available, and where diversity in the process is most valuable.

Ensure safety standard conformance:  Local authorities expect operators to meet the IEC 61511 regulatory requirements. SIS Functional Safety Consulting provides you with local expertise—using detailed procedures, as well as checklists—to ensure specific regulatory compliance.

Take advantage of technologies that will reduce risk of plant downtime:  Proper application of today’s smart technologies can significantly benefit the user by reducing interventions (in both duration and frequency). By maximizing use of our SIS Consultants, you will reduce the need to maintain specific competencies and processes, and reduce systematic failures.

Increase reliability and maximize ROI:  Applying the lifecycle approach of IEC 61511 to your process will significantly reduce the likelihood of failures and hence make your process more reliable and increase uptime.

The consequences of a cyber attack can cause serious damage to your operations, reduce or shut down production, and even have safety and environmental implications. Control Associates engages Emerson’s Cybersecurity Assessment Services to identify vulnerabilities, remediate protection gaps, and secure your process control system from cybersecurity risks.

Emerson’s Cybersecurity Assessment Services offers three service packages to meet your site’s needs: the Basic Cybersecurity Assessment Service, the Custom Cybersecurity Assessment Service and the Cybersecurity Remediation and Consultation Service.

Enable proactive measures to identify potential risks:  Emerson’s Cybersecurity Assessment Services will help you understand how secure your system is relative to best practices and provide guidance on how to make improvements.

Remediate and secure your DeltaV DCS from cybersecurity risks:  Cybersecurity Assessment Services identify gaps in your control system security giving you the opportunity to remediate those weaknesses. With our help, you can harden your control system security protection and meet your system availability and operational integrity requirements.

Avoid loss of revenue:  The loss of revenue due to a cybersecurity attack can be extensive. Help prevent potential loss of revenue and brand reputation while reducing the risk of liabilities with Emerson’s Cybersecurity Assessment Services.

In the midst of a plant upset, operators struggle to respond to alarm floods or nuisance alarms. Our DeltaV Alarm Services consultants will identify alarm deficiencies according to the ISA-18.2 Alarm Management Standard and perform remediation to address those deficiencies—allowing you to focus on production.

Our Alarm Services consultants can show you how to better manage your alarm load, identify bad actor alarms, and help you meet regulatory compliance. By taking advantage of this service, you can obtain an assessment of current alarm performance vs. industry standards, identify what DeltaV features are available to address problem areas, and implement the tools on your system.

Know and improve your alarm performance:  Receive alarm reports based on an analysis of your event chronicle file through DeltaV Analyze. Emerson creates a report that details your current alarm performance and compares your alarm KPIs against the industry standard KPIs as defined by ISA-18.2.

Integrate completely with your DeltaV distributed control system (DCS):  Alarm Service remediation leverages embedded DeltaV DCS features, capabilities, and solutions to address bad actor alarms and improve alarm performance deficiencies identified in alarm reports.

Increase your operator efficiency:  A program of bad actor alarm identification and elimination allows operators to focus on production. Your operators will be able to respond to alarms quickly and effectively, instead of being inundated by alarm floods and nuisance alarms.

Comply to regulatory and industry standards:  The alarm report, in conjunction with support from Emerson consultants, will address shortcomings in your alarm performance, and improve your alignment to regulatory and industry standards.

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