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If you are one of many organizations that sub-contract your Reliability program to a third party, be aware of what you are getting. At the time when a contractor produces the report, it shows the asset health at that point in time—not in real time…or almost real time. That’s where we can help.

Welcome to the Future of<br>Predictive Maintenance

Welcome to the Future of
Predictive Maintenance

With AMS Wireless Vibration Monitors
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Control Associates Has the</br>Tools, Technologies, & Expertise

Control Associates Has the
Tools, Technologies, & Expertise

As we visit customer facilities, we clearly see a growing desire for Predictive Maintenance (PdM). However, those same customers are not necessarily aware of PdM being an option from Control Associates and Emerson. One of our goals is to communicate the knowledge that we do have these options and also to demonstrate the cost savings of adopting them. In fact, using the example of our AMS Wireless Vibration Monitors, we can calculate the ROI for customers that embrace Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) versus route-based, human-intensive methods.

Condition-Based Monitoring Approach

With condition-based monitoring, the data is constant vs. route-based which only shows a moment in time. Something might happen right after you receive the report, and you might not find a defect until 30-90 days later. With our solutions, you can have the data as fast as 'in a minute'—enabling you to react immediately or place it as a priority for your next outage. Furthermore, we can provide training for your team to understand the data being recorded—the same data which, with our technology, belongs to you. You can access this data and review it remotely from your computer or mobile device.

Consider the average annual cost of a site-wide manual vibration data route collection service which costs about $20K per quarter. Our solution can net you cost savings within the first year of deployment. This is before we also calculate the ROI on avoiding unplanned downtime from asset failures, which, depending on circumstance, can yield ROI almost immediately.

Chemical Manufacturer for Food Ingredients
Customer Story
Chemical Manufacturer for Food Ingredients
This manufacturer wanted to increase predictive maintenance and uptime, decrease labor costs, have more insights, and maintain asset health. They were a good prospect for an alternative solution because they had a lot of failures and were looking for a Condition Based Monitoring solution.
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