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Specialty Chemicals
Solving the unique challenges of specialty chemical manufacturing.

Solving the unique challenges of specialty chemical manufacturing.

Whether it’s variability in batch cycle times, reactor control issues, out-of-spec batches, or health and safety risks, these challenges make it difficult to achieve quality and production targets while ensuring a safe and reliable specialty chemical operation.

Control Associates has the specialty chemicals experience and expertise to help you solve these and other manufacturing challenges.

Powered by ISA S88-compliant DeltaV™ Batch software, our process automation solutions reduce non-value add work and batch cycle times while improving product quality and process reliability resulting in higher throughput with your existing assets.

By predicting batch outcome in real time, dosing material precisely, and automating valve line-up, we can positively impact right first time metrics. By improving shift communications and enhancing alarm responsiveness, we can reduce the probability and consequences of HSSE events.

Control Associates, with its partner Emerson, have the industry experience, expertise and technology to design and implement chemical process automation and control solutions that deliver measurable quality improvements, improved process safety and more predictable plant performance.

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