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Measurement Instrumentation Measurement Instrumentation

Real-time process insight for running your operations safely at peak potential.

The rigorous demands of your process and operations requires accurate instrumentation to provide the real time critical pressure, temperature, level and flow measurements you need to stay in control.

Control Associates' instrumentation division, Pro-Tech Solutions, is the local factory authorized representative for& Emerson's field-proven Rosemount™ and Micro Motion™ precision measurement and flow instrumentation - designed and built to handle the most challenging application conditions.

Control Associates is also the local factory authorized representative for Emerson’s full line of Penberthy™ and Yarway™ level and flow indicators.

Since 1886, Penberthy has been recognized as a global leader in providing reliable high-quality liquid level gauges, gagecocks, and sight flow indicators for applications requiring pumping and mixing, or the heating of liquids and gases.

Yarway level indication solutions and liquid level gauges are recognized by users the world over for their high-quality construction, advanced technologies and excellent reliability.

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