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Fractionator Bottoms Flow Control
Capacity, erosion resistance and performance are key.

Capacity, erosion resistance and performance are key.

The main fractionator column bottom to reactor flow control loop uses a control valve to recycle some of the bottom slurry back to the reactor for further processing. The potential for the creation of a great deal of erosion in the control valve exists due to entrained catalyst. 

Our valve solutions leverage Emerson's expertly designed valve technologies.

A Fisher™ V500 Eccentric Plug Valve is installed in many applications, but a Fisher™ severe service control valve is the most rugged solution. Both the Fisher V500™ rotary globe control valve and the Fisher™ 461 Increased Outlet Angle SweepFlo Valve are available with special upgraded trim offerings suitable for erosive catalytic bottoms, heavy ends and erosive catalyst flows.

Avoid or minimize potential for erosion
Extend useful life of control valves while reducing maintenance costs
Address harsh operating conditions
Control flow accurately
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