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Overpressure Protection Overpressure Protection

Real-time station monitoring and process automation solutions for solving your toughest OPP challenges.

Safety and reliability are critical goals of energy delivery for every natural gas utility. An integral component of a safe and reliable gas distribution system is the design and performance of the overpressure protection (OPP) systems. OPP systems must now provide protection against:

  • Primary regulator failure
  • Monitor regulator failure
  • Compromise of the regulator and/or monitor control lines

Real-time station monitoring, remote pressure control, and remote station shutdown are now requirements for many gas distribution systems. Control Associates understands these new challenges the gas utility industry is facing, and is ready to help customers meet ever changing regulatory compliance requirements at gate stations, district stations, industrial sites and commercial installations.

Our OPP solutions include wide open monitors, working monitors, super monitors, large capacity relief valves and slam shut devices. Real-time station monitoring and control solutions are available for pressure, flow, remote control, remote shutoff, security, gas emission detection, control line integrity, vent system integrity, and station flooding.

Whether it’s the retrofit of existing station infrastructure or the design of a new station, Control Associates is ready to partner with you to provide a safe and reliable OPP solution.

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