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The CAMERON T30 Series fully welded ball valve is one of the most trusted valves in the oil & gas industry.

 Fully welded ball valve. Its distinctive design gives it increased strength at reduced weight as well as increased resistance to pipeline pressures and stresses. The Cameron T30 Series ball valve combines the strength of forged components with a lightweight and compact spherical design that reduces overall size and potential leak paths.
Available in ANSI 150 through 2500 and API 2000 through 10,000 standards. Made of forged steel to assure uniform fine grain structure and toughness, they may be specified in sizes from 2 to 56 in [50 to 1,400 mm].


  • All-welded construction
  • Sealing options in self relief (T31) or double piston effect (T32), or a combination of both (DIB2)
  • Double block-and-bleed standard in both closed and open positions
  • Antiblowout stem design
  • Belleville springs that maintain constant spring force and protect seat-to-body seal
  • Robust stem stops that withstand actuator torque
  • Stem stop viewports that enable verification of proper valve position
  • Rotating seats that spread wear over the entire sealing