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Unplanned downtime could cost you millions.

Unplanned downtime could cost you millions.

Why not make a small investment to proactively anticipate control valve issues that can have a massive impact on your plant? At Control Associates, we use the best diagnostic tools and resources available to give you better insight into the health of your critical valves. Not only will you be able to uncover operational degradation and performance issues, but also rule out properly operating equipment, so as to not waste scarce maintenance resources.

Choose the best approach for your reliability program.

Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ positioners are a mainstay of your reliability program. The valve diagnostics can either be run with the valve out of service, or captured, logged, and analyzed while the valve is in service. Furthermore, our in-house valve and automation experts are available to help you evaluate your data.
Using Fisher™ FlowScanner™ is a great way to evaluate the performance of any air-operated valve—accurately and efficiently. We simply hook up the FlowScanner to your critical valves—or those that you suspect have problems—to evaluate their operating condition and identify any corrective actions required.
Our Valve Condition Monitoring Program may be the best approach to maximizing insight into your most critical valves. Using our proprietary tools for time series analysis, we can see the rapid increase of travel deviation, which provides more time to analyze conditions that can cause problems.
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