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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Driving right first time quality and data integrity while achieving production goals.

Driving right first time quality and data integrity while achieving production goals.

Whether it is compliance regulations, manual documentation errors, excessive work in process, or inefficient use of resources – manual workflows decrease productivity, increase production costs, and can impact product quality.

Implementing our Syncade manufacturing execution system (MES) provides the accuracy, flexibility, and manufacturing stability to help ensure that right first time production is achieved every time in this revolutionary and complex production environment.

Execute efficient automated workflows throughout the entire manufacturing process with Syncade MES.

Chain of identity (COI) is crucial in autologous cell therapy manufacturing. Materials must be carefully tracked as a batch moves from the initial receipt of the patient’s cells to cell expansion, and then throughout the activation process to final formulation and delivery to the patient.

Across the entire COI, the process must be fully documented. Records include receipt of patient materials, sample tracking, the cell growth process, and patient delivery. Documentation must also include activities related to the process. These manual tasks can be streamlined and automated with tools that help ensure the batch is executed according to the recipe.

Emerson's Syncade MES combines document, equipment, and materials management into electronic automated workflow procedures to create a highly efficient, integrated manufacturing process. So instead of manually managing and tracking the flow of paperwork and approvals, your organization can focus on achieving right first time quality and operational goals.

Easier regulatory compliance with secure, electronically created “paperless” batch records
Streamline operations by creating, managing, and executing recipes, workflows, and orders to deliver drug products right first time
Integrate operations through standardizing information exchanged with financial, maintenance, and process control systems
Better manage the chain of identity (COI) throughout the manufacturing process to assure the right cell therapy medicine for the right patient

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