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Operational Strategy Operational Strategy
Industry benchmarks reveal significant business improvement opportunities.

Industry benchmarks reveal significant business improvement opportunities.

We help companies capture the opportunity by introducing Operational Certainty, Emerson's approach to partnering to achieve Top Quartile operational performance.

Together, Control Associates and Emerson apply cross-functional consulting expertise and consistent methodologies to identify the highest impact opportunities for improvement guided by industry benchmark comparisons and company operational performance.

Next, we provide a prioritized business case for investments in enabling technologies, software and services like Emerson's Plantweb™ digital ecosystem designed to attain the operational performance improvements.

Through programmatic fashion, we ensure the operational benefits are captured and the desired results are sustainable.


Traditionally, reliability was often a euphemism for maintenance… making sure you had the right staff to repair and replace assets quickly to minimize downtime. Today, industry leaders realize that a proactive, management led reliability strategy is the secret weapon against declining operational performance, improved production availability and lower operating costs.

Together, Control Associates and Emerson have the most comprehensive portfolio of reliability consulting services and technologies to support your vision of Top Quartile Reliability.

Our expertise, experience and portfolio of safety solutions enable you to confidently protect your plant, personnel and community. From measurement solutions, to alarm optimization, integrated safety systems and cybersecurity protection, we are ready to help you reduce risk, avoid incidents and operate with certainty.

One of the most agonizing realities of production is knowing there are efficiencies to be gained and greater value to be extracted.  The big question is:  how?

A more competitive landscape and limited opportunities for large capital investment drives greater demand for financial performance from existing assets.

No other automation supplier has the depth of experience, expertise and breadth of portfolio for optimizing your production performance.

With the growing global need to reduce our collective carbon footprint, now is the perfect time to invest in improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions. Top performers in the coming years will enjoy a competitive advantage with lower energy costs, fewer fines and less need to buy CO2 credits.

Our energy and emissions consultants help clients manage energy performance using real-time information to gain better visibility into site energy performance through monitoring energy consumption and loss in real-time. We establish site energy targets by applying process models that calculate best practical efficiencies in real-time and develop dynamic target equations from historical data. Key performance indicator (KPI) metrics can then be established and shared with stakeholders to put focus on addressing overconsumption events as they occur.

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