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KNet Analytics
Enable Proactive Decision Making Through Actionable Knowledge and Insights
KNet Analytics is an out-of-the-box process data analytics software that collects and interprets operational data and information scattered across the plants, eliminating the need for gathering, analyzing, and reasoning over data and information from control systems, databases, plant applications, and operation procedures.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, KNet Analytics can detect abnormal behavior of process and assets in real time and predict future performance. This shortens the decision-making process, preventing further performance deviation and safety issues while maximizing plant efficiency.


  • Track KPIs and monitor plant performance
  • Transform and analyze operational and manufacturing data
  • Machine Learning
  • Inspect, clean and transform raw data into information and knowledge
  • Create predictive models that can be deployed in real time
  • Eliminate erroneous data and pinpoint problem areas
  • Perform proactive decision making to prevent abnormal conditions and identify opportunities
  • Recognize behavioral patterns and correlate data with events