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Continuous Manufacturing
ContinuousPlant® Software Suite

ContinuousPlant® Software Suite

Today most pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers utilize batch processes to produce drug products. Batch processes are inherently less efficient, more time consuming, and more costly than continuous. This inefficiency is primarily due to the “start-stop-inspect” sequence of batch operations require to ensure drug products are in compliance with their quality specifications.

Continua Process Systems' ContinuousPlant® software platform and services are uniquely designed for advanced continuous manufacturing (CM) processes through the seamless integration of in-process Process Analytical Technology orchestrations with advanced process control, and real time materials traceability and tracking systems. 

The modularity and flexibility of the ContinuousPlant® Software Suite platform permits multiple equipment suppliers to be integrated into one CM automation system, giving you the freedom to specify and select the process equipment vendors best suited for manufacturing your drug products. 

Each ContinuousPlant® Software Suite solution is configured by our expert systems engineers to meet your CM process requirements enabling you to consistently produce drug products more efficiently, reliably, and of better quality than traditional batch manufacturing methods.

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