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Stay competitive while meeting changing market demands.

Stay competitive while meeting changing market demands.

Food and beverage and consumer product producers continually face market challenges due to the competitive demand for new and better products while maintaining the production output and quality of their core portfolio. It is a market dynamic that creates operational challenges, which can adversely impact productivity and profitability.

Reduce variability, improve product quality and increase yield.

Balancing consumers’ desire for new and different products with pressure from regulators for safety and quality is very challenging. Emerson offer end-to-end solutions for advanced processing, production and packaging that enable producers to stay ahead of the competition, boost productivity, monitor efficiency and maintain process accuracy and product quality.

Control Associates and its partner Emerson work with companies around the world, providing them with industry-leading control systems, instrumentation, valves and real-time data management solutions. We collaborate with users to clearly understand their challenges, then engineer and implement the integrated solutions that production managers need to run their plants, no matter the product - whether its baked goods, confections, dairy, wine, beer and spirits, or toothpaste, flavors, fragrances, shampoos, and detergents.

For instance, in the brewing industry resources are rising in cost, regulation is tighter, and brand restrictions more complex. Lack of organizational flexibility is preventing breweries from reaching peak performance. Emerson’s smart instrumentation connected to their state-of-the-art DeltaV™ distributed control system (DCS) provides precise, repeatable real-time measurement and control during critical production phases.

Control Associates also offers Emerson online asset reliability services and solutions to monitor and collect critical asset health data in real-time to enhance the performance and reliability of critical rotating equipment, instrumentation and control valves.

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