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Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies
Help is sometimes needed to identify and justify the right projects to achieve your operational and business goals.

Help is sometimes needed to identify and justify the right projects to achieve your operational and business goals.

Control Associates and its partner Emerson with their a global network of consultants, solutions architects, engineers and service providers, are the partners of choice for companies seeking to digitally transform and connect their operations.

A key goal of Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies is to analyze and define how digital automation solutions can impact specific plant economics. From the analysis, our consultants identify the necessary projects and their justification. We also establish a preliminary plan including scope of work and functional specifications to provide a well-defined starting point for evaluating project viability. Deliverables include:

  • Project justification: Analysis of the economic impact of the digital automation solutions under consideration and provide a return-on-investment ROI project justification.
  • Collaboration with digital process automation experts: Control Associates and Emerson consultants draw from the best technologies and services to architect automation solutions that meet your specific operational and business objectives.


Control Associates’ and Emerson’s control performance improvement and optimization services can help you develop strategies for getting the most out of your control systems. Our experts will analyze your process and provide valuable guidance on taking advantage of opportunities for increasing efficiency, maximizing uptime, and reducing risk.

Control Performance Audits are designed to benchmark and analyze your existing assets, applications, and processes to identify opportunities and provide sound recommendations for improving safety, performance, energy efficiency, and environmental compliance. 

Today’s complex capital projects are difficult to deliver on time and on budget—especially with outdated “we’ve always done it this way” approaches.

The solution lies in choosing the partners that break through rigidity, find new ways of reducing costs, and implement technologies that speed up execution.

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