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Accumulated Acid Flow Control Accumulated Acid Flow Control
Safeguard your people, process and technology.

Safeguard your people, process and technology.

The accumulated acid control loop uses a valve that controls hydrofluoric acid level in the acid accumulator. Spent hydrofluoric acid is constantly circulating from the acid accumulator to the rerun column. An upset in this valve could cause a leakage of hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid, which would be a major environmental and health risk.

Emerson's control valve solution is specifically designed to address the challenges of this highly corrosive, critical service application.

In such a highly acidic environment, a 1” or 2” Fisher™ EZ globe control valve with ENVIRO-SEAL™ packing is ideal for this application. Along with good rangeability and control, these valves are available with bodies made of Monel® to withstand the harsh, corrosive conditions.

Avoid environmental and health risks
Rely on valves designed for harsh conditions
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