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Zero Emissions Retrofit Solutions<br>for Gate and Distribution Stations Zero Emissions Retrofit Solutions<br>for Gate and Distribution Stations

Eliminate Methane Emissions. Increase Reliability. Improve Performance.

The Natural Gas industry is committed to eliminating methane emissions by accelerating the replacement of leak-prone pipe, integrating RNG and Hydrogen into the distribution system fuel mix, and adopting new no-bleed automation technologies at gate and distribution stations. Partner with Control Associates to retrofit your existing gate and distribution station equipment to eliminate all bleed gas at these stations.

Which Retrofit Solution Is Best for You?

Actuator Retrofit

Use this no-bleed solution for your gate stations.

Bleed-to-Downstream Retrofit

Our Fisher no-leak solutions are great for smaller gate stations for pressure regulation and as an Overpressure Protection (OPP) device. The VRG Valve Pilot Controller is best for larger gate stations and allows your control valves to mimic regulators.

Control Valve Packing Retrofit

Advanced live-loaded packing solutions are available for both globe and rotary control valve applications.

Valpres Low Emissions Stem Packing
Valpres Low Emissions Stem Packing

pressure energized V-Pack seal requiring no tightening

Fisher™ ENVIRO-SEAL™ Control Valve Packing System
Fisher™ ENVIRO-SEAL™ Control Valve Packing System
Remote Automation Solutions

We offer modern solutions to fit any SCADA/RTU for any locally controlled adjustment or monitoring application.

Fisher™ Pilot Regulator With Linear Actuator
Fisher™ Pilot Regulator With Linear Actuator

for remote station adjustment

VRG Valve Pilot Controller
VRG Valve Pilot Controller

with remote setpoint and bleed-to-downstream capabilities

Engineering and Technical Services

From selecting which retrofit solution is best for your station to training your personnel, we offer a full range of services to support your needs:

Field Walkdowns 
Our team will gather information about your current equipment to determine where a retrofit might apply.

Application Engineering
We can work with you to make sure we specify the best retrofit solution for your requirements.

Startup & Commissioning
We will test everything and ensure that it works properly before getting your station up and running again.

Our team can train your operators and provide instruction regarding your retrofit.

Local Support
We are your local valve, regulator, actuation, and RTU specialist.

If You Have a Bleeding Device, We Have the Solutions for You

Serving the tri-state utility market since 1933, we are ready to partner with you to eliminate your methane emissions at gate and distribution stations, modernize your station pressure and flow control equipment, and update your overpressure protection strategies.

Contact us to learn how we can help you reduce your gate or distribution station methane emissions.

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