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Harden Your Operational Technology<br/>Assets Against Cybersecurity Risks

Harden Your Operational Technology
Assets Against Cybersecurity Risks

What Is Your Situation?
  • Do you need help implementing your corporate IT standards? We can help apply your IT policies to the technologies supported—regardless of brand or platform.
  • Do you have the resources and technical knowledge to implement your IT guidelines at the automation layer? We can advise you on how best to protect yourselves—as well as implement our recommendations.
  • Are you a smaller company with limited IT resources? Our business analysis experts can give you guidance and supply all the tools and technologies rightsized for your OT environment.

Regardless of your situation or industry, our experts can help better prepare your network and systems for any cyberattack. We will utilize a variety of OT infrastructure services to assess and monitor your systems—available on-premises or in the cloud. Our services include the identification and assessment of vulnerabilities, remediation of protection gaps, and securing your process shop floor systems from cybersecurity risks.

Supporting Services & Solutions

We have the expertise to help connect your devices and onboard them to Level 2 and Level 3 systems within your enterprise architecture—in alignment with your strategy.

To secure your OT network assets, Control Associates can partner with your Operations and IT teams to develop a program that may include:

  • Creating or updating your system inventory or configuration management database
  • Assessing and identifying vulnerabilities
  • Remediating protection gaps through the implementation of solutions, including operating system & application upgrades, network segmentation, automated patch management, end point virus protection/workstation hardening, whitelisting, access control, and backup & recovery
  • Associated testing & documentation

For active monitoring and assessing your system’s performance, we have the tools and know-how to determine ways to optimize your hardware and software—making it better and faster.

Our engineers, applications, and tools allow us to:

  • Measure a multitude of metrics and look for deteriorating health conditions
  • Make recommendations and implement them, as well as monitor your systems in real time
  • Perform periodic health assessments to maintain system health, on-demand, to remediate any system performance gaps

Customer Story

Control Associates partnered with a major nutritional products manufacturer to implement a turnkey cybersecurity program for operational technologies.

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