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Storage Storage
Move, handle, and store products with faster order to cash.

Move, handle, and store products with faster order to cash.

Control Associates and its instrumentation division Pro-Tech Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of Emerson products, services and solutions for storage terminals. We provide everything from tank gauging, inventory management and control systems, to all types of valves, electric actuators, flame arrestors and tank vents.

Our local terminal experts provide the application expertise to help you optimize your terminal assets and resources for greater throughput and profitability with more integrated, efficient logistics and inventory management, while maintaining terminal safety and security.

Drive terminal logistics efficiency and profitability
Eliminate error-prone manual work processes and optimize the movement of products throughout the terminal
Avoid overfill accidents and protect your personnel, community, and the environment
Ensure automatic, paperless billing for each transaction, resulting in right first time invoices and faster order-to-cash

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