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Reduce energy and maintenance costs with advanced control solutions.

Reduce energy and maintenance costs with advanced control solutions.

Feed variability, temperature changes, and pressure fluctuations can upset distillation processes. Over-purifying leads to higher energy usage and cost while unreliable equipment can lead to slowdowns or shutdowns.  Emerson’s distillation solutions can help you keep your product on-spec with advanced sensors, transmitters, and process control technology to provide predictive diagnostics and optimized process control for a more profitable and energy efficient distillation operation.

Our advanced process control solutions utilize the Emerson DeltaV™ distributed control system (DCS) to optimize process performance.

Emerson's SmartProcess® Distillation Column Optimizer is a pre-engineered, modular solution for model predictive control (MPC) of distillation columns using DeltaV's embedded advanced process control (APC) technologies. The solution includes software and services to implement MPC and neural modules for control of any 2 or 3-product distillation column that enable you to:

  • Reduce product quality variation and off-spec production
  • Minimize quality giveaways
  • Minimize energy consumption per unit of feed
  • Increase recovery of more valuable products
  • Maximize feed rate upon demand
  • Increase column throughput
  • Lower costs of implementation

Advanced process instrumentation and valve technology for specialty chemical applications

Our industry leading process instrumentation, and control and isolation valves provide single-source measurement and final control solutions that increase manufacturing efficiency, reliability, safety and product quality.

Best-in-class Rosemount™ process instrumentation and Fisher™ control valve technologies enhance performance and predictable outcomes through advanced asset health diagnostics and self-calibration, corrosive process solutions, and critical plant process utilities applications. Device diagnostics enable reliability, streamlined proactive maintenance scheduling/planning, and more effective troubleshooting.

Control Associates also offers the complete portfolio of Emerson isolation valves and valve actuation for a wide range of process and utility applications including KTM™ ball valves, Neotecha™ lined ball and butterfly valves for highly corrosive applications, Keystone™ K-LOK high performance butterfly valves and Bettis™ valve actuators.

Leverage predictive technologies
Gain valuable insight into your process
Avoid unplanned shutdowns and downtime
Improve your bottom line

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