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Instrumentation Services & Support
Instrumentation Services & Support

Instrumentation Services

Our team of measurement professionals brings together industry-leading products, expertise from a global network of engineers and scientists, and a dedicated local design and service team to connect our customers with the best measurement solutions available. We understand that ‘best’ is subjective; however, we strive for the highest accuracy, longest warranty, shortest lead time, most cost-effective, and easiest to install and maintain solution that is most appropriate for your application.

Lifecycle Support

We offer a wide range of onsite and shop services, available 24/7, including:
  • Product Design & Sizing Recommendations
  • Startup & Commissioning
  • Factory Trained Technicians & Specialists
  • Instrumentation Training & Educational Services
  • Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage Planning & Services
  • Plant, Tank Farm & Steam Surveys
  • Control Panels
  • Wireless Network Integration
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