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Petrochemical Petrochemical
Reliability and safety are fundamental in the petrochemical industry.

Reliability and safety are fundamental in the petrochemical industry.

In any petrochemical process, disturbances can have big consequences — from lost production and increased energy usage to environmental concerns and unplanned slowdowns or shutdowns. Control Associates helps you meet these challenges with an experienced team of process control experts and Emerson's comprehensive portfolio of engineered products, services and solutions.

Our highly dependable products with advanced diagnostics assist in increasing the reliability of your process.

By accessing our decades of petrochemical experience, we can tailor engineered solutions that optimize your overall plant performance by increasing asset reliability and reducing energy consumption.

Our advanced online predictive maintenance technologies allow you to accurately determine changes in critical equipment health before they cause process upsets or possible plant shutdowns. Having this unique insight enables a proactive maintenance strategy, which significantly reduces maintenance costs while increasing plant availability.

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