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Root Cause Failure Analysis Root Cause Failure Analysis
When rotating assets fail, it's more than just an equipment problem.

When rotating assets fail, it's more than just an equipment problem.

Our reliability experts analyze failures down to latent root causes, which include physical (mechanical/electrical) and organizational (human) levels.

We follow the SAE-JA1011 standard and evaluation criteria to provide you with formal consultations on Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) processes for your most critical assets.

Our reliability consultants start with our Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) template and then tailor the analysis to meet your specific needs.

As part of our evaluation, we look at actual facility performance data and integrate it into the analysis to identify all the potential failure modes associated with the equipment along with possible mitigation strategies for each identified failure.

We follow the the SAE JA1011 standard to answer these seven fundamental questions.

  1. What are the functions and associated desired standards of performance of the asset in its present operating context (functions)?
  2. In what ways can it fail to fulfill its functions (functional failures)?
  3. What causes each functional failure (failure modes)?
  4. What happens when each failure occurs (failure effects)?
  5. In what way does each failure matter (failure consequences)?
  6. What should be done to predict or prevent each failure (proactive tasks and tasks intervals)?
  7. What should be done if no suitable proactive task can be found (default actions)?
Resolve the true operational issues that lead to machinery failures
Utilize reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) as a way to solve uptime challenges
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