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Process Instrumentation & Valves Process Instrumentation & Valves
Process instrumentation and valve innovations for life sciences OEMs.

Process instrumentation and valve innovations for life sciences OEMs.

Our industry leading OEM process instrumentation and valves improve your equipment performance and capabilities to provide highly reliable, secure and technologically advanced measurement, control and analytics.

We provide Emerson process instrumentation and control valves designed for handling aseptic, sanitary and general-purpose utility applications on a wide variety of OEM process equipment, machinery and skids. Each measurement and control device enhances performance and predictable outcomes with advanced asset health diagnostics, self-calibration and traceability for meeting GMP requirements.

Control Associates also offers the complete portfolio of Emerson isolation valves for a wide range of process, utility and HVAC applications including Neotecha™ lined ball and butterfly valves, Neotecha sampling valves, Keystone™ high performance and resilient seat butterfly valves, and KTM&trade: ball valves.

Reduce startup time and cost to commission
Bring more value to your customers by enabling proactive maintenance planning and decreasing maintenance costs
Choose world-class support, both at your fabrication shop and your customer’s facility
Enable real-time asset insight for better decision making and resource utilization

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