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Mission Critical Data Centers
Keeping the data center up and running is mission critical for today's business environment.

Keeping the data center up and running is mission critical for today's business environment.

As you strive for higher levels of energy efficiency, the performance requirements increase and the margin of error decreases. The building management system (BMS) or building energy management system must efficiently control mechanical systems through all loads, modes, transitions and failures. Therefore, the facility automation system must meet an extremely high level of performance, fault tolerance and availability.

Control Associates, with its partner PHS, provides turnkey control solutions for Tier III & Tier IV, Mission Critical HVAC Control Systems, and Tier III & Tier IV Chilled Water Control Systems. By selecting the industry’s best automation and controls technology, we can develop advanced control strategies not possible with traditional HVAC control systems and instrumentation.

Since system failure is not an option in mission critical control applications, we provide Emerson’s industrial quality DeltaV™ distributed control system (DCS) for the building management system controls, Rosemount™ pressure, temperature, and level transmitters for critical measurement points, and Fisher™ control valves for critical control points.

Improved system resiliency and ease of use are our goals through design, execution and post startup support. We accomplish this by selecting the optimal BMS and instrumentation platforms, providing hardware redundancy, incorporating advanced control algorithms, and providing dedicated field resources throughout the project and for local post-project support.

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