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Data Management Solutions

June 28, 2022

Dissimilar systems, orphaned data, and limited tools to properly analyze R&D data. Sound familiar?

The Data Management team at Control Associates has been hearing this challenge among our Life Sciences customers for a decade or more. This is an enormous problem for the industry because siloed data leads to the inability to gain much needed insights from your process development activity. And that problem further leads to a slowdown of the commercialization process.
Control Associates has been working collaboratively with our customers to solve as much of that puzzle as possible and has a team of life sciences engineers on staff to work on-site at your facility. We’ve been able to successfully store all of that data in a central location in order to achieve part of the solution, that being a common database.

Further, we then use our expertise to put that data into context. The objective is to gain reliable knowledge more quickly from your ‘big data’ which contains key process parameters over the course of a batch, as well as from spectral data (from analyzers), and other multivariate data. However, there’s a lot of data and this only gets us part of the way to the ultimate goal of contextualization, meaningful dashboards, and insights.
There is a growing desire within the life sciences scientific communities to move to NoSQL database platforms that can accommodate different data structures and explore the relationships between time series, transactional, and spectral data.

Companies need the ability to access data, link it across multiple sources, and visualize it in a way that makes sense.