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Modernize Your Cooling System With Our BTU Meter Solution

May 17, 2022

World-Renowned Performing Arts Center Improves
Energy Management With Our BTU Meter Solution

Our customer was having difficulty controlling the primary and secondary chilled water loops within its cooling system. The chilled water flows were frequently oscillating far above and below their temperature and flow rate setpoints, causing frequent, rapid loading and unloading of the chilled water pumps and chillers. The facility was forced to ramp up its flow setpoint in order to achieve the desired cooling performance—despite the system’s extreme fluctuations. The combination of rapid equipment cycling with the elevated setpoint meant that our customer was using far more energy than necessary to operate the facility.
Implementing Control Associates' Meter Solution improved measurement accuracy, responsiveness, and uptime—enabling the facility to minimize fluctuations and more tightly control flow and BTU outputs.

Proven Results: