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Control Associates Launches Consulting Firm for Life Science and Process Manufacturers

June 26, 2024
Continua Process Systems, a spin-off of Control Associates, is pleased to announce the formal launch of its digital consulting services organization. Continua is focused on transforming the enterprise through innovative thinking, advanced technologies, and industry expertise. Its team of consultants empower clients with solutions that span modern data strategies, manufacturing operations solutions, tech transfer, process analytical technology (PAT), and continuous manufacturing. The business primarily serves pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, CDMO, CMO, and specialty chemical organizations that are facing growing pressures to leverage OT data, connect disparate systems, and realize higher production to better compete in the marketplace and prepare for the future.
Scott Shields, President & CEO of Control Associates, comments, “Over the past several years, we have gained unique skills and experiences as a natural extension of our traditional business. With the expanding scope of IT systems in the OT environment, customers are changing how they perceive their solution providers. Blurring the distinction between the two, customers now require enterprise-wide solutions that focus on orchestrating people, processes, and technology through dynamic, data-driven applications that deliver business results. We are well-positioned to guide our customers along their transformational journey. These business drivers combined with our role as thought leader, industry consultant, and successful implementor have culminated in the formation of Continua.”
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