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Zero Emissions Retrofit Solutions for Gate and Distribution Stations

May 22, 2024

Eliminate Methane Emissions. Increase Reliability. Improve Performance.

Partner with Control Associates to retrofit your existing gate and distribution station equipment to eliminate all bleed gas at these stations.

Which Retrofit Solution Is Best for You?

  • Actuator Retrofit – We offer a variety of no-bleed actuator technologies for your gate stations.
  • Bleed-to-Downstream Retrofit – Our no-leak solutions are great for smaller gate stations for pressure regulation and as an Overpressure Protection (OPP) device. Our valve pilot controllers are best for larger gate stations and allows your control valves to mimic regulators.
  • Control Valve Packing Retrofit - Advanced live-loaded packing solutions are available for both globe and rotary control valve applications.
  • Remote Automation Solutions – We offer modern solutions to fit any SCADA/RTU for any locally controlled adjustment or monitoring application.