Control Valves

Control Associates is your local factory authorized Emerson Impact Partner representing the complete portfolio of Fisher™ control valves, controllers, and valve instruments in the tri-state metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region.

Control valves are a critical part of the control loops in your plant. They are designed to manipulate a flowing fluid, such as gas, steam, water, or chemical compounds to compensate for the load disturbance and keeps the regulated process variable as close as possible to the desired set point.

In day-to-day plant operation, you have a long list of concerns, like meeting production schedules, maintaining product quality, controlling fugitive emissions, and improving the efficiency of plant utilities, to name just a few. The last thing you should have to worry about is the performance of your plant's control valves. You can always rely on Fisher and the local applications engineering expertise of Control Associates to assess, size and select the optimal solution for all your control valve needs.

Globe, Angle & Three-Way Valves

Fisher™ Globe, Angle, & Three-Way Valves

Fisher manufactures the broadest range of sliding-stem globe, angle and three-way control valves in the world. They are available in a variety of materials, flow characteristics, pressure classes, and end connections. Popular sliding-stem valve product lines include the Fisher easy-e™, Fisher GX and Baumann™ control valves.

Fisher control valves cover a broad range of applications and industries from general purpose, utility and chemical service applications to high-pressure, extremely rugged, single-port, globe and angle valves for applications in the power, refining, hydrocarbon and natural gas distribution industries.

Fisher also offers low flow control valve technology that provides increasing rangeability with decreasing Cv ratings. This enables the valves to control over a wide flow range minimizing the need to change out trim sets when flow conditions vary between batches.

Baumann™ sanitary control valves are designed to meet the stringent demands of today’s state-of-the-art Life Science facilities. Polished, stainless steel body and trim components ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing giving you confidence that your processing environment produces the highest purity.

Globe, Angle & 3-Way Control Valves

Fisher easy-e™ ES Control Valve
The Fisher easy-e ES valve is your solution for a wide range of applications, including sulfide and chloride stress-cracking environments common to the oil and gas production industries. Available in globe or angle body, these valves can provide up to Class V or VI shutoff.

Fisher easy-e™ ET Control Valve
The Fisher easy-e ET valve is your solution for all general applications with high process temperatures, featuring a balanced plug design and cage-guided trim. Available in globe or angle body, these valves can provide up to Class V or VI shutoff.

Fisher easy-e™ EZ Control Valve
The Fisher easy-e EZ control valve is your solution for throttling or on/off control in chemical or hydrocarbon processing applications, or wherever control of non-lubricating, viscous, or other hard-to-handle fluids is necessary.

Fisher easy-e™ Cryogenic Control Valve
The Fisher easy-e cryogenic valve is a globe style, single-port, valve featuring stainless steel construction materials and fabricated extension bonnets. These cryogenic valves are designed to provide throttling or on/off control of liquids and gases at cryogenic temperatures as low as -198°C (-325°F). When required, these rugged valves can reliably provide tight shutoff for special applications within the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries, such as certain liquefied natural gas services.

Fisher GX Control Valve and Actuator System
The Fisher GX valve and actuator system can meet a wide range of flow and pipeline sizing requirements. A three-way construction is available, which is suited for accurate temperature control. The engineered passages within the valve body provide optimal capacity and create a stable flow pattern for smooth operation.

Fisher YD and YS Three-Way Cage-Guided Valves
Fisher YD and YS three-way cage-guided valves are designed for throttling or on/off service, and are available in balanced and unbalanced constructions. The YD valve is used in general converging and diverging service. The YS valve is used in general converging service. Fisher YD and YS valves are available for a wide range of applications, including sulfide and chloride stress-cracking environments common to the oil and gas production industries.

Fisher RSS Lined Globe Valve
The Fisher RSS valve is intended for use in applications involving severely corrosive and toxic flowing media, and is well-suited for pure media applications, as well. The RSS valve body provides an economical alternative to alloy valve bodies in a wide variety of applications.

Baumann™ General Utility Service Globe Control Valves

The Baumann 24000 control valve is intended for general utility service in pressure, flow, and temperature control applications. This control valve exhibits low hysteresis and deadband, good control characteristics, tight shutoff, rugged construction, high performance packing, and easy maintainability. These attributes translate into reduced maintenance costs, reduced process variability, and increased process availability, resulting in lower long-term operating costs.

  • Baumann 24000 Little Scotty™ Bronze Control Valve
  • Baumann 24000C Carbon Steel Little Scotty™ Control Valve
  • Baumann 24000CVF Carbon Flanged Control Valves
  • Baumann 24000SVF Stainless Steel Flanged Control Valves
  • Baumann 24000S Stainless Steel Control Valve
  • Baumann 24000F Wafer Body Control Valve
  • Baumann 24000SB Bar Stock Control Valve
  • Baumann 24003 Three-Way Globe Valve

Sanitary Control Valves

Baumann™ 83000 Sanitary Angle Control Valve
The Baumann 83000 sanitary control valve is excellent for the control of high purity fluids or gaseous media. A low-friction force amplification mechanism, comprised of a roller bearing linkage, produces high-positioning resolution suitable for direct operation from remote I/P signal converters.

Baumann™ 84000 Sanitary Control Valve
Baumann 84000 sanitary control valves are designed to satisfy the stringent demands of the life sciences industry. These valves are in compliance with 3A Sanitary Standards Inc. requirements. Incorporating reliable class III diaphragm technology, the 84000 valves can handle high temperatures. The uniquely shaped diaphragm results in low shear forces in the flow stream, minimizing possible damage to delicate bio-media or altering the consistency of the end product.

Baumann™ 85000 Sanitary Pinch Valve
Baumann 85000 sanitary pinch valves are intended for use with 3/4 inch O.D. pharmaceutical grade tubing. The 85000 is designed for use in both biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness and sterility are required. The primary use is for disposable skid-based processes, replacing traditional manually operated valves. Automated valves offer consistent quality, better record keeping, and improved batch control.

Baumann™ 87000 Flexsleev Sanitary Control Valve
The Baumann 87000 control valve is excellent for throttling high purity liquid or gaseous media commonly found in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, film, and biotechnology industries. This valve is suitable for repeated steam sterilization cycles with 2.4 bar (35 psi) maximum steam pressures.

Baumann™ 89000 Sanitary Control Valve
Baumann 89000 sanitary control valves provide control solutions for various sanitary process systems. These valves meet FDA and USP CLVI standards. All metal parts in contact with the media are made of S31603 stainless steel and each valve comes standard with a stainless steel actuator to resist corrosion from caustic wash down. The 89000 control valve is designed for use in a wide range of applications in many industries where cleanliness and sterility are required.

Specialty Control Valves

Baumann™ 26000 Corrosion-Resistant Control Valve
Baumann 26000 PTFE lined low flow valve is ideal for additive flow control of acids and caustic pH applications.

Baumann™ 81000 Mikroseal Control Valve
The Baumann 81000 Mikroseal control valve is excellent for throttling of liquid or gaseous media, particularly where wide flow variations are encountered. Its packless design allows for applications where leakage-prone stem packings are not tolerated. A nearly frictionless mechanical force-amplifying mechanism is employed to reduce the travel of the pneumatic or electric actuators. This allows the closure diaphragm to move precisely against the valve orifice to throttle or stop the passing fluid. The same nearly frictionless mechanism, composed of stainless steel and PTFE lined ball bearings and guide bushings, assures very precise positioning with negligible deadband.

Rotary Valves

Fisher™ Rotary Control Valves

When capacity and performance are the requirements Fisher rotary control valves are the answer. Popular rotary valve product designs include segmented ball, full bore pipeline, eccentric plug, and high performance butterfly.

Segmented Ball Control Valves

Fisher Vee-Ball™ V150, V200, V300 Control Valves
The Fisher Vee-Ball control valve is your best choice for performance and cost-effectiveness across a broad range of applications. The precision-machined parts and pressure-balanced seal designs allow smooth, precise valve operation.

Fisher Vee-Ball™ V150S Flanged Control Valve
The Fisher Vee-Ball V150S control valve offers a rugged construction, highly wear-resistant trim materials, and an unrestricted straight through flow path which makes this valve ideal for controlling the most abrasive of slurries. The design is particularly effective in minimizing erosive damage to the adjoining pipework, thereby providing greater operational safety and service life.

Ball Control Valves

Fisher V250 Control Valve
The Fisher V250 control valve is a heavy-duty, flangeless throttling ball valve often used to control flow in gas transmission lines, gas distribution, and liquid pipelines. Available with a single ball seal, flow ring, or dual-seal construction.

Fisher V260 Control Valve
The Fisher V260 is a full bore control valve designed from the ground up with features for optimized pressure, flow, and process control. An integral drilled attenuator controls noise and vibration from high pressure drop liquids and gases. The splined shaft connection to the actuator reduces lost motion.

Fisher V270 Full-Bore Ball Control Valve
The Fisher V270 is a three piece, trunnion mounted, full-bore control valve designed from the ground up with features for optimized pressure, flow and process control. The V270 full-bore ball valve is designed for automated control in bypass, batch, monitor, and emergency shutoff service applications, and it presents little or no restriction to flow. The V270 full-bore ball valve is available with composition seals, and process type live-loaded shaft packing for improved service life and lower emissions.

Eccentric Plug Control Valves

Fisher V500 Eccentric Plug Valve
The Fisher V500 rotary control valve combines globe valve ruggedness with the efficiency of a rotary valve. It is designed to control erosive, coking, and other hard-to-handle fluids, providing either throttling or on/off operation.

Fisher CV500 Eccentric Plug Valve
The Fisher CV500 valve combines the rangeability of the cammed, segmented V-notched ball, with inherent ruggedness in the heavy duty bearings, seals, and body. This combination provides a balance of erosion resistance and pressure control for gas and liquids.

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves

Fisher Control-Disk™ Rotary Valve
The Control-Disk rotary valve offers excellent throttling performance. An equal percentage flow characteristic provides an improved throttling range comparable to that of a segmented ball valve. This improved capability allows you to control closer to the target set point, regardless of process disturbances, which results in a reduction in process variability.

Fisher 8532 High Performance Butterfly Valve
The Fisher 8532 high performance butterfly valve offers outstanding performance under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The 8532 valve maintains tight shutoff, is available in a fire-tested construction, and can be specified for cryogenic applications. Available as either a flangeless (wafer style) design, single flange (lugged), or Double Flanged design.

Fisher 8560 High Performance Butterfly Valve
Fisher 8560 butterfly valves is a reliable, high performance control valves suitable for throttling applications requiring extremely low leakage rates.

Fisher 8580 High Performance Butterfly Valve
The Fisher 8580 high performance butterfly valve provides the capability for enhanced shutoff and features an eccentrically-mounted disk with either a soft or metal seal. Experience excellent throttling and on/off performance with this control valve.

Fisher 8590 High Performance Butterfly Valve
The Fisher 8590 high performance butterfly valve maintains tight shutoff and can be specified for a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions. The 8590 valve is available in a lugged body design. A splined shaft can combine with a variety of spring-and-diaphragm or pneumatic piston actuators and a square or keyed shaft can combine with a variety of handlevers, handwheels, or pneumatic piston diaphragm actuators.

Fisher A31D Double-Flange Butterfly Valve
The Fisher A31D is a double-flange, high performance butterfly valve featuring either a splined drive shaft or a keyed drive shaft. The A31D is used in throttling or on/off service and is available in NPS 3 through 12, CL150 and CL300.

Fisher A31A Cryogenic High Performance Butterfly Valve
The Fisher A31A cryogenic high performance butterfly valve is designed for extreme temperature, cryogenic services and features a valve body extension which positions the packing system and the actuator away from the extreme temperatures. The valve also features a metal NOVEX seal providing tight shutoff, low operating torques, and the rugged durability needed for cryogenic service.

Engineered Products

Fisher™ Engineered Products

Optimize process performance in any given application. Fisher has developed a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading technology that can handle virtually any demanding control valve application in your plant.

Fisher™ High Pressure Engineered Globe and Angle Valves

Fisher HP and EH Globe and Angle Valves
Fisher HP series control valves are single-port, high-pressure, globe- or angle-style valves with metal seats, cage guides, and push-down-to-close valve plug action. Fisher EH series valves are specially designed for high-pressure applications and incorporate proven techniques in flow-stream contouring for higher capacities and in valve trim design for reliability in severe applications.

Fisher™ Aerodynamic Noise Attenuation

Fisher Whisper Trim™ I
Whisper Trim I cages offer proven aerodynamic noise control that is effective for vapor, gas, or steam flow applications. The Whisper Trim cage utilizes multiple orifices of a special shape, size, and spacing to minimize noise generated by the flow of vapor, gas, or steam through a control valve. Using a Whisper Trim™cage, in conjunction with a properly sized valve body, can substantially reduce the noise level below that of valves with standard trim.

Fisher Whisper Trim™ III
Whisper Trim III cages provide effective attenuation of aerodynamic noise in vapor, gas, or steam applications involving high pressure drops or high pressure drop ratios. Using a Whisper Trim III cage in conjunction with a properly-sized valve body can substantially reduce the noise level of the control application. Aerodynamic noise is generated by the turbulence created in the flow of vapor, gas, or steam as the fluid passes through a control valve.

Fisher™ Cavitation Control Trims

Fisher Cavitrol™ III Trim
Fisher Cavitrol III trim is designed for clean, cavitating services with pressure drops of up to 207 bar (3000 psi). The cage in this trim contains a multitude of specially-shaped, radially-aligned holes that reduce fluid turbulence and stage the overall pressure drop, both of which control or eliminate the damaging effects of cavitation.

Fisher DST (Dirty Service Trim)
Fisher Dirty Service Trim is designed for dirty, cavitating services. This trim utilizes a series of flow restrictions and expansions to eliminate cavitation, while allowing up to 19 mm (3/4 in) diameter particulate to pass through without plugging. Each of the trim stages has a successively larger flow area. The result is very efficient operation because typically 80 percent of the overall pressure drop is taken in the initial stages, where there is little danger of cavity formation which could result in cavitation.

Fisher DST-G Trim
Fisher DST-G trim is specially designed for clean or dirty services where the fluid has dissolved gases that are released from a solution due to a reduction in pressure (outgassing). Outgassing typically causes two types of damage: cavitation and erosion by the fluid stream. DST-G trim stages the pressure drop, similar to the DST trim, to prevent cavitation. Erosion is controlled by the lower cage in this trim, which separates the flow stream into smaller, lower energy jets that are less likely to cause damage. This trim also has the ability to pass particulate up to 6.35 mm (1/4 in) in diameter.

Fisher NotchFlo™ DST Control Valve
Fisher NotchFlo DST control valves are designed for dirty, cavitating services. The trim in this valve utilizes a series of flow restrictions and expansions to eliminate cavitation, while allowing up to 12.7 mm (1/2 in) diameter particulate to pass through without plugging.

Fisher Micro-Flat Cavitation Trim
Micro-Flat cavitation trim is designed for clean, cavitating services with pressure drops of up to 51.7 bar (750 psi) and low flow rates. The trim design does not eliminate cavitation, but controls where it occurs to minimize damage.

Fisher™ & Yarway™ Steam Conditioning

Fisher TBX Steam Conditioning Valve
Fisher TBX valves reduce both steam pressure and temperature to enable daily cycling of power plants. In addition, they protect reheater tubes, condensers, and piping against excessive pressure, temperature, and enthalpy excursions during steam turbine trips.

Fisher TBX-T Desuperheater
The Fisher TBX-T desuperheater can be used in many applications to efficiently reduce the temperature of superheated steam to the desired set point. The TBX-T is available for installation in steam lines from DN 200 through DN 1200 (NPS 8 through 48) in diameter and are capable of maintaining steam temperatures to within 6°C (10°F) of saturation temperatures. Water atomization and vaporization are key elements in any steam conditioning application. The TBX-T design incorporates a spraywater manifold of variable geometry AF nozzles that produce an optimized spray pattern over a wide operating range. These nozzles are strategically placed to achieve optimal mixing and quick vaporization at all flowing conditions.

Fisher DMA Mechanically Atomized Desuperheaters
The Fisher DMA desuperheater is a simple, mechanically atomized desuperheater with single or multiple, fixed-geometry spray nozzles and is intended for applications with nearly constant loads. The DMA is installed through a flanged connection on the side of a DN 150 (NPS 6) or larger pipeline.

Fisher DMA/AF Variable Geometry Attemperator
The Fisher DMA/AF is a variable-geometry, mechanically atomized, back-pressure-activated superheater interstage attemperator. It is designed for applications requiring control over moderate load fluctuations and high thermal cycling.

Fisher DFA Variable Geometry Desuperheater
The Fisher DFA (Desuperheater with Flexible Architecture) incorporates both a water control element and a variable geometry, mechanically atomized, self-contained desuperheater for moderate to high flow variation. The DFA is installed through a flanged connection on the side of an NPS 8 or larger pipeline.

Fisher DSA Steam Conditioning Desuperheater
The Fisher DSA desuperheater uses high-pressure steam for rapid and complete atomization of spraywater in low velocity steam lines. This desuperheater is installed through a flanged connection on a DN 200 (NPS 8) or larger pipeline. This desuperheater is intended for applications requiring high rangeability.

Fisher DVI Steam Conditioning Desuperheater
The Fisher DVI desuperheater injects spraywater in the outlet of the venturi section, assuring excellent mixing and rapid atomization. The DVI desuperheater is easily installed between flanges in DN25 through DN600 (NPS 1 through 24) steam lines. There are no moving parts, and the water injection pattern provides rapid and thorough cooling. It is intended for applications with moderate load changes and low velocity steam.

Yarway Narvik Model 88 Small Pipe Inline Desuperheater
A wide range of desuperheaters, pneumatic actuators, strainers to satisfy all specifications of the power, pulp and paper industry and process gas applications

Yarway Narvik Model 25 Ven-Temp Desuperheater
Yarway covers requirements for Desuperheaters, pneumatic actuators, strainers with a wide range of models, sizes and materials to satisfy all the specifications of the power, pulp and paper industry and process gas applications.

Yarway Narvik Series 4300 Templow Probe Style Variable Nozzle Control Valves
For precise and economical control of steam temperature.

Yarway Narvik Model 18/54 - 28/64 Probe Style Variable Nozzle Control Valves
Yarway covers requirements for Desuperheaters, pneumatic actuators, strainers with a wide of models, sizes and materials to satisfy the specifications of the power, pulp and paper industries along with process gas applications.

Yarway Narvik HT- Templow Probe Style, High Temperature
The TempLowHT utilizes the fundamental design concepts of the standard Templow, designed for temperatures up to 621°C. The TempLowHT is designed to eliminate sliding trim parts in the hot zone.

Yarway Narvik Model 37/47 Probe Style Variable Nozzle Control Valves
Cryogenic injector for LNG applications

Yarway Narvik Model 24/34 Probe Style Variable Nozzle Control Valves
Yarway covers requirements for desuperheaters, pneumatic actuators, strainers with a wide range of models, sizes and materials to satisfy all the specifications of the power, pulp and paper industry and process gas applications.

Yarway Narvik Model 13/23 Probe Style, Fixed Nozzle
Yarway covers requirements for desuperheaters, pneumatic actuators, strainers with a wide range of models, sizes and materials to satisfy all the specifications of the power, pulp and paper industry and process gas applications.

Yarway Narvik Model 33/43 Probe Style, Fixed Nozzle
Yarway covers requirements for desuperheaters, pneumatic actuators, strainers with a wide range of models, sizes and materials to satisfy all the specifications of the power-pulp and paper industry and process gas applications.

Fisher™ Increased Outlet & Fabricated Angle Valves

Fisher 461 Increased Outlet Angle Sweep-Flo Valve
The Fisher 461 Sweep-Flo valve is a self-cleaning, increased outlet, angle valve that is typically used in the chemical and hydrocarbon industries where control of residual oils or other liquids with coking properties is necessary. The 461 features a venturi-type throat, which is useful in power plants or slurry services where high pressure drops and flashing might exist.

Fisher FB Fabricated Angle Valves
Fisher FB fabricated angle valves are used with compressible fluids on special applications requiring maximum noise attenuation capability and high capacity. Typical applications include main steam reducing valves and compressor bypass valves. FB valves are also commonly used for sour gas applications in petrochemical and gas processing plants.

Fisher™ Polymer Flow Control

Fisher HVP Polymer Flow Control
The Fisher high viscous polymer (HVP) series control valve is used extensively by the polymer industry. These processes generally require the valves to operate at and maintain high temperatures to assure that the polymer fluid flows freely. The HVP valve can provide integral valve body passages through which a heat transfer fluid is pumped to keep the valve and process fluid heated. Forged and fabricated valve body styles are engineered to meet your process and piping requirements. Standard valve body and trim designs can be adapted to exactly match specifications

Fisher™ Diffusers

Fisher Inline Diffusers
A complete line of Fisher inline diffusers provide optimum noise attenuation where valves can contribute substantial noise. When installed, the total pressure drop of the system is divided across the valve and diffuser. This enables the valve to operate at a lower pressure drop ratio, thereby lowering the noise level generated from the process flowing through the control valve. Options include: the 6010 with integral outlet head, the 6011 pipe style, and the Whisper Disk.

Fisher Vent Diffusers
Fisher 6012 vent diffusers offer proven noise and vibration control in sky vent applications. A vent diffuser places back pressure on the control valve while venting process to the atmosphere and shares the total pressure drop with the vent valve. This reduces the vent valve noise and noise at the atmospheric vent point. Fisher 6013 vent diffusers come with an outer shell attached for use in sky vent applications in power plants.

Controllers & Instruments

Fisher™ Controllers & Instruments

Poor valve reliability, performance, or maintenance can undermine your process operations. Ensure your assets are working precisely the way they are supposed to with Fisher trusted and tested controllers and instruments.

Fisher FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controllers & ValveLink™ Diagnostics Software
Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200 smart valve instruments allow for your operation to run closer to setpoint, improving product quality with more accurate control. Using FIELDVUE Performance Diagnostics, valve operation is monitored online to evaluate performance and reliability.

Fisher FIELDVUE ValveLink software allows your maintenance and operations personnel to monitor control valve health and performance online to improve reliability by spotting problems before they affect your process. This software is used for configuration, calibration, and diagnostics of FIELDVUE instrumentation.

Emerson and Teledyne Test Services have partnered to offer the QUIKLOOK 3-FS valve diagnostic system with Fisher FlowScanner software. It's an integrated system for testing your nuclear facility’s air-operated valves (AOV) and motor-operated valves that’s reliable, accurate, easy-to-use, fast, and gives easily interpretable analysis data. It allows you to significantly reduce the test time from set-up to finish and help manage and support reduction in your cost of compliance in testing, safety, and efficiency.

  • Fisher DVC6200 FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller (HART)
  • Fisher DVC6200f FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller (FOUNDATION fieldbus)
  • Fisher DVC6200p FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller (PROFIBUS PA)
  • Fisher DVC2000 FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller
  • Fisher FIELDVUE ValveLink Performance Diagnostics Software
  • Fisher FIELDVUE ValveLink Mobile Software
  • Fisher QUIKLOOK 3-FS Valve Diagnostic System with FlowScanner™ Software

Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioners – Sliding Stem Control Valves

  • Fisher 3582 Single Acting Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3582i Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3570 Pneumatic Valve Positioner
  • Fisher 3660 Pneumatic Single-Acting Positioner
  • Fisher 3661 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioners – Rotary Control Valves

  • Fisher 3610J Pneumatic Single-Acting Positioner
  • Fisher 3610JP Pneumatic Double-Acting Positioner
  • Fisher 3620J Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3710 Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3720 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Electro-Pneumatic Transducers

  • Fisher i2P-100 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer
  • Fisher 546 Series Electro-Pneumatic Transducers
  • Fisher 646 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer

Controllers – Level

  • Fisher 2500 Pneumatic Level Controller
  • Fisher 249 Series Caged Sensors
  • Fisher FIELDVUE™ DLC3010 Digital Level Controller
  • Fisher FIELDVUE™ DLC3020f Fieldbus Digital Level Controller
  • Fisher L2 and L2sj Liquid Level Controllers
  • Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller
  • Fisher 2100 Liquid Level Switches

Controllers – Pressure

  • Fisher 4194 Differential Pressure Controller
  • Fisher 4195K Gauge Pressure Indicating Controller
  • Fisher C1 Pneumatic Controller and Transmitter

Controllers – Temperature

  • Fisher 4196 Temperature Indicating Controller

Trip Valves, Volume Boosters, Switching Valves

  • Fisher 377 Pressure-Sensing Trip Valve
  • Fisher 2625 Series Volume Booster
  • Fisher VBL Volume Booster
  • Fisher 167D Series Switching Valves
  • Fisher 168, 168H, and 68 Series Three-Way Switching Valves

Pressure Regulation Accessories

  • Fisher 4660 Pneumatic High-Low Pressure Pilot
  • Fisher Types 1301F and 1301G High Pressure Regulators
  • Fisher Type 1367 High-Pressure Instrument Supply System

Wireless Position Monitor

  • Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor

VRG Performance Control Instrumentation

VRG Controls engineers and manufactures high performance control instrumentation for natural gas regulation. All VRG control instrumentation features zero emissions capabilities that help protect the environment. VRG personnel lead the industry in operational experience and design expertise related to control solutions for natural gas measurement and regulation facilities.

VRG Controls

  • Zero Bleed Valve Pilot Controllers

VRC Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Positioners

Valve Related Controls, Inc. (VRC) is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of general purpose Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Positioners and related accessories used for Valve, Damper and Equipment Automation in a wide variety of process industries.

  • Modular Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners

Steam Traps

The Emerson Yarway brand logotype

Yarway™ Steam Trap Solutions

Yarway offers a broad portfolio of proven and reliable steam trap solutions for a wide range of steam generation and distribution applications. With over 100 years of steam expertise, our steam trap solutions are designed to support safe, reliable, and efficient operation of steam systems.

  • Broad steam trap offering for a wide range of pressure and condensate load requirements
  • Highly reliable traps for drip, tracing, and process applications
  • In-line repairable design ensure ease of maintenance

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