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Control Associates is your local factory authorized representative for Emerson's complete portfolio of Fisher Flow Controls world class control valves, controllers, and valve instruments in the metropolitan New York City, northern New Jersey and Connecticut region.

Control valves are designed to manipulate a flowing fluid, such as gas, steam, water, or chemical compounds to compensate for the load disturbance and keeps the regulated process variable as close as possible to the desired set point.

In day-to-day plant operation, you have a long list of concerns, like meeting production schedules, maintaining product quality, and improving the efficiency of plant utilities, to name just a few. The last thing you should have to worry about is the performance of your plant's control valves.

Globe, Angle & Three-Way Valves

Globe, Angle & 3-Way Control Valves
  • Fisher easy-e™ ES, ET, EW, EZ Globe Control Valves
  • Fisher easy-e™ Cryogenic Globe Control Valve
  • Fisher GX 2-Way and 3-way Globe Control Valves and Actuator System
  • Fisher Types YS and YD Cage-Guided Three-Way Globe Control Valve
  • Fisher HP and EH High Pressure Globe and Angle Body Control Valves
  • Fisher RSS Lined Globe Control Valve

Globe Control Valves
  • Baumann 24000 Little Scotty™ Bronze Control Valve
  • Baumann 24000C Carbon Steel Little Scotty™ Control Valve
  • Baumann 24000CVF Carbon & 24000SVF Stainless Steel Flanged Control Valves
  • Baumann 24000S Stainless Steel Control Valve
  • Baumann 24003 Three-Way Globe Valve
Sanitary Control Valves
  • Baumann 83000 Sanitary Angle Control Valve
  • Baumann 84000 Sanitary Control Valve
  • Baumann 85000 Sanitary Pinch Valve (disposable “single-use” skid-based processes)
  • Baumann 87000 Flexsleev Sanitary Control Valve
  • Baumann 89000 Sanitary Control Valve
Specialty Control Valves
  • Baumann 24000SB Bar Stock Control Valve
  • Baumann 24000F Wafer Body Control Valve
  • Baumann 26000 Corrosion-Resistant Control Valve
  • Baumann 81000 Mikroseal Control Valve

Rotary Valves

Segmented Ball Control Valves
  • Fisher Vee-Ball™ V150, V200, V300 Control Valves
  • Fisher Vee-Ball™ V150S Slurry Ball Control Valve
Ball Control Valves
  • Fisher V250, V260 Ball Control Valves
  • Fisher V270 Full-Bore Ball Control Valve
Eccentric Plug Control Valves
  • Fisher V500 Eccentric Plug Control Valve
  • Fisher CV500 Eccentric Plug Control Valve
High Performance Butterfly Control Valves
  • Fisher Control-Disk™ Rotary Control Valve
  • Fisher High Performance Butterfly Valve
  • Fisher Cryogenic High Performance Butterfly Valve

Engineered Products

Optimize process performance in any given application. Fisher has developed a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading technology that can handle virtually any demanding control valve application in your plant.

Dirty Service
  • Fisher DST (Dirty Service Trim)
  • Fisher DST-G Trim
  • Fisher NotchFlo™ DST Control Valve
Steam Conditioning
  • Fisher TBX Steam Conditioning Valve
  • Fisher TBX-T Desuperheater
  • Fisher DMA, DMA-AF, DMA-AF-HTC, DSA, and DVI Desuperheaters
  • Yarway Narvik Model 88 Small Pipe Inline Desuperheater
  • Yarway Narvik Model 25 Ven-Temp Desuperheater
Angle Valves
  • Fisher 461 Increased Outlet Angle Sweep-Flo Control Valve
  • Fisher FB Fabricated Angle Valve
  • Fisher HVP Polymer Flow Control Valve
  • Fisher Inline & Vent Diffusers

Controllers & Instruments

Smart Positioners & Diagnostics Software
  • Fisher DVC6200 FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controller (HART)
  • Fisher DVC6200f FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controller (FOUNDATION fieldbus)
  • Fisher DVC6200p FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controller (PROFIBUS PA)
  • Fisher DVC2000 FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controller
  • Fisher FIELDVUE™ ValveLink™ Performance Diagnostics Software
  • Fisher FIELDVUE™ ValveLink™ Mobile Software
  • Fisher QUIKLOOK 3-FS Valve Diagnostic System with FlowScanner™ Software

Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioners – Sliding Stem Control Valves
  • Fisher 3582 Single Acting Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3582i Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3570 Pneumatic Valve Positioner
  • Fisher 3660 Pneumatic Single-Acting Positioner
  • Fisher 3661 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioners – Rotary Control Valves
  • Fisher 3610J Pneumatic Single-Acting Positioner
  • Fisher 3610JP Pneumatic Double-Acting Positioner
  • Fisher 3620J Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3710 Pneumatic Positioner
  • Fisher 3720 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Electro-Pneumatic Transducers
  • Fisher i2P-100 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer
  • Fisher 546 Series Electro-Pneumatic Transducers
  • Fisher 646 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer

Controllers – Level
  • Fisher 2500 Pneumatic Level Controller
  • Fisher 249 Series Caged Sensors
  • Fisher FIELDVUE™ DLC3010 Digital Level Controller
  • Fisher FIELDVUE™ DLC3020f Fieldbus Digital Level Controller
  • Fisher L2 and L2sj Liquid Level Controllers
  • Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller
  • Fisher 2100 Liquid Level Switches

Controllers – Pressure
  • Fisher 4194 Differential Pressure Controller
  • Fisher 4195K Gauge Pressure Indicating Controller
  • Fisher C1 Pneumatic Controller and Transmitter

Controllers – Temperature
  • Fisher 4196 Temperature Indicating Controller

Trip Valves, Volume Boosters, Switching Valves
  • Fisher 377 Pressure-Sensing Trip Valve
  • Fisher 2625 Series Volume Booster
  • Fisher VBL Volume Booster
  • Fisher 167D Series Switching Valves
  • Fisher 168, 168H, and 68 Series Three-Way Switching Valves

Pressure Regulation Accessories
  • Fisher 4660 Pneumatic High-Low Pressure Pilot
  • Fisher Types 1301F and 1301G High Pressure Regulators
  • Fisher Type 1367 High-Pressure Instrument Supply System
Wireless Position Monitor
  • Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor

VALVE RELATED CONTROLS, INC (VRC) is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Positioners and related accessories used for Valve, Damper and Equipment Automation in a wide variety of process industries.

  • Modular Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners

VRG Controls engineers and manufactures high performance control instrumentation for natural gas regulation. All VRG control instrumentation features zero emissions capabilities that are good for the environment. VRG personnel leads the industry in operational experience and design expertise related to control solutions and natural gas measurement & regulation facilities.

VRG Controls
  • Zero Bleed Valve Pilot Controllers

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