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Shannon Global Energy hydrophobic thermal and acoustic insulation blankets reduce energy loss.
Mitigate harmful noise levels from equipment like valves, pumps, heat exchangers, vessels, and compressors with geometrically complex surfaces at refineries and processing plants.

Shannon designs do not require workers to wear a mask while manufacturing or installing the material and helps mitigate CUI due to its water-repelling properties.

Shannon hydrophobic acoustic blankets reduce harmful noise levels by up to 15 dBA. Depending on thickness, Shannon calculates the surface temperature of its thermal blanket when wrapped around a component operating at 450 F (232 C) to range from 108 F (42 C) to 135 F (57 C).

Easy to Install, Easy to Reuse

With Control Associates as the exclusive Shannon representative and your local partner, there’s no need to go elsewhere. We will go onsite to your facility and perform a custom field audit, take measurements, show you your ROI calculation (view an example), and install your custom Shannon solution. It’s as easy as that!

Don't miss your opportunity for up to a 30% rebate. Control Associates is a Con Edison Trade Ally.
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